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Booty Bustin

Chapter I

Samantha looked over her shoulder for the third time that evening. Yes, the same thing was still going on. She was at a convention in Seattle as a representative for Peron co., a computer and electronics side division. It was one of those long seminars, and she had been attending for almost a week. Today she had been glumly listening to the speakers voice droning on about miserable little things, when she had gotten the weird feeling you experience only when you know someone is staring at you. She had turned to see a girl blush and turn away. Samantha looked at the girl. She had a round, inviting face, with well defined features and long, golden hair that framed it. Farther below she wasn't so graceful, at least not in Samantha's mind. Large, no, giant breasts rested on top of an over inflated, protruding belly. At first glance Samy thought she was just pregnant, but when the girl turned away Samy caught sight of her broad, thick ass. No, this girl was very fat, probably around 220lbs carried on a short frame of around 5'4. The girl looked barely 20.

"Where did she get so fat at such a young age?" thought Samy to herself.

Samy had always had a negative view of larger people. Slobs, pigs, fatties, whatever names people taunted them with, Samy was always there shouting along side them. It wasn't like she herself was fat, and she liked to flaunt it around less blessed people. Yes, Samy believed she was blessed. After all, she did have the body of a goddess. 22 years old, five foot seven, 120lbs, with bright red hair, light skin with not a blemish to be seen, deep green eyes, perfect 32c cup breasts, long legs, rounded hips, and a firm, yet curving backside. She was your typical knock out dream girl, which was why she was finding it annoying that this rotund girl kept staring at her. A few minutes later she caught the girl looking at her again, and then when she was talking with a cute guy during a break she saw the girl clearly looking at her rear. She looked herself, worried maybe something had happened to her dress. But under a short inspection nothing appeared wrong. Besides, the girls stares seemed to be less critical and more, well, lusty. And under different circumstances Samy would have taken these stares a different way. She was after all bi- sexual, and maybe if a cute co-worker or maybe a nice waitress had been staring at her that way, she would have maybe tried to start something, but this swine?...No way! After finally catching the girl for the 5th time Samy decided to find out what was so interesting that this little fatty had to keep staring at her. At the next break she got up and slowly made her way over to the plump girl. As she got closer she looked at the girl again. This time she stopped herself, because she almost began to admire her form. But she quickly pushed these thoughts out of her head as she got within reach of the red-head.

"Hello!" Said Samy, in as bright and cheery a voice as she could manage.

"Oh, uh he-hello" Smiled the girl shyly.

"Hi, I'm Samantha Drabek, from Pernon Co...and you are...?" Said Samantha, sticking out her hand. The girl looked as if she had been caught with her fingers in the cookie jar, and Samantha was enjoying herself royally while at the same time acting graceful and upper-class.

"T-Tammy White, from Newcastle Shares Co...." She said grasping Samys hand and shaking it nervously.

"Well Tammy it is very nice too meet you, so what brings you here?"

"Buisiness" Said Tammy curtly.

This went on for several minutes. Samy always maintained the upper hand while the nervous Tammy tried her best to answer Samys increasingly bold and personal questions without stuttering.

"So you like to eat out a lot?" asked Samy, then she smiled playfully. "I can see you do" she added, patting Tammys fat belly. She was suprised at how incredibly soft it was, and even more suprised to find herself getting wet. At Samys touch Tammys belly let out a little gurgle. Tammy blushed and did her best to smile.

"Oh! Looks like you're hungry! should probably consider getting lunch, after all, a big girl like you needs a lot to maintain her shape" She was really rolling now.

"I-I guess so" Smiled Tammy.

Samantha decided to go for it now. "So, I noticed you staring at me earlier, what was it you wanted?" She said boldly.

"Well...I...I....ummm..." She trailed off...

"Yes?" asked Samy, for the first time showing a little impatience.

"I was wondering if you would like to meet afterward, alone...there is something I

would like to discuss with y-you in private." She finally blurted out. Samy was shocked. This blob wanted to meet with her in private? How outrageous!..But then she thought better of it and decided to play along.

"Sure thing!, when and where?" At this the girl seemed to brighten up just a bit.

"Meet me on the corner of 54th and West Haven at 11:00 tonight." She said without hesitation.

"Isn't that a little past your bed time Tammy?" She said, just a bit nervous for the first time.

"No." Said Tammy firmly. "Just be there."

With this she walked off into the crowd, her large, curvy ass swaying gently behind her. Samy felt herself looking at it fondly. She quickly snapped out of it.

"The nerve of that bitch!" She thought. "addressing me in that tone, well, if she wants to play, we'll play, I'll be there".

She tried to remain focused on work the rest of the day, but the image of that big, fat ass kept re appearing in her mind.

The corner of 54th and West Haven was dismal at 11:00 at night. Down near the docks that usually bustled by day, but were quiet at night, this was one of only a few streets in the big city that filled with fog this early at night. Samy pulled up in her vette and got out. She stood around for several minutes and after staring at her watch and seeing that it was ten past, she began to feel she might have been tricked. But a few seconds later a dark, rounded figure stepped out of an alleyway to her left and Sami walked over.

"Sorry I'm late"

It was Tammys voice, but all of the earlier nervousness has faded away. Her voice was strong and full of an emotion that Samy couldn't quite identify.

"Lets get in my car, we need to talk in private" Tammy said.

Samy nodded, thinking that the street was probably quiet enough now, but not voicing her opinions as they walked down the alley, presumably to Tammys car. After a while the gloom was lit up by a pair of headlights. Samy was suprised to see it was a shiny white Porshe, not what she had been expecting this cow to be driving. Tammy got behind the wheel and Samy into the passenger seat. Tammy backed out of the alley and got onto a street, then drove onto the interstate and quickly left Seattle proper. Samy was glad she had locked her car.

They drove for an hour in the gloom. The highway was occasionally lit by a passing truck, but otherwise it was completely quiet except for the hum of the well-tuned engine. They didn't speak at all. Samy was now mentally giving herself a hard time for letting herself get kidnapped by this blimp, and Tammy seemed to be completely involved in the driving. Finally they exited the highway and got onto a small country road that wound into the foothills of the Cascades. All light from the city passed away in the gloom and they were left on their own. After another 20 minutes Tammy slowed down and very quietly turned off into a farm yard with the lights off. She shut off the car.

"Don't slam the door when you get out" Said Tammy.

It was the first words spoken since they had driven off. The two left the vehicle and walked up to the farm house. It was a one story trailer with a few lights on. It was well-kept, but looked very poor.

"Why are we here?" Asked Samy, no longer able to contain her curiosity.

"You'll find out in a few more minutes" Said Tammy as they trudged along.

There was only one interior light on, and it looked like it was in the bedroom. Tammy walked up to the window and motioned Samy to look inside. On the bed was a girl of about their age with her blonde hair up in a pony tail. She was lying on her chest with no top on and all she was wearing on her bottom half was a pair of silky black panties. She was propped up on her elbow reading the latest issue of 'Time'. Samy gasped.

"Oh my god, that's Judy Moriss!"

"That's right", answered Tammy. "Your arch rival."

Samy turned and looked at Tammy, too stunned to speak. How did this girl know that about her, she had never seen her before in her life before earlier that day.

"Don't look so supprised Samy, I know a great deal about you. You and her were enemies all through high school. When she got the best date to the prom you were heart broken. She and him ended up getting married, and she dropped out of school, but you were still jealous. They had a divorce and he took everything and now she lives by herself on her parents farm, nothing compared to the splendor your life is every day."

Samy stood there open mouthed, too stunned to speak.

" That's right, and you hated her the whole time, and she hated you."

When Samy found her voice, it was quivering.

"H-how do you know all that?" She asked very frightened.

"That's not the point" Said Tammy, looking back at Judy. "The point is that even though in the end your life turned out so much better, you still envy and hate her, right?"

Samy tried to protest, but all she could do was nod. It was true. She still hated Judy.

"I'm going to do you a little favor, look back at Judy" Said Tammy.

Samy did it. At first nothing happened, but then Judy began to change. Samy noticed it after only a few seconds. Her butt began to rise. Very slowly mind you, but it began to rise off the bed and into the air. The black panties, once loose, were now filling and tightening with flesh. Judy, amazingly, seemed to take no notice as she gained over ten pounds in under a minute. But it didn't stop. Her butt broadened and thickened. Her slim, legs began to fill as well, the panties digging into her thighs. Her butt broadened and filled, almost pulsating as it pumped up with fat. Judy continued to read, taking no notice of the amazing events taking place on her lower body. Still the fat piled on. The black panties rolled up and slipped in between her now blubbery cheeks. Judy was at least 50 pounds heavier, and she was continuing to swell. As much as Judy's ass was entrancing, Samy broke her glance to look at Tammy, who was in deep concentration. Samy looked back. Those huge cheeks and thighs were still growing. Samy found herself thinking about how soft and sexy those two beanbag chair sized cushions were when Tammy seemed to awaken and the growth slowed and stopped.

Tammy looked over at Samy. Samy looked back. She almost shouted at the rounder


"Well don't stop!, Keep going!"

"As you wish" said Tammy in a monotone, and she went back to concentrating.

The ass began to grow faster and faster. The thighs began to loose shape as more and more fat piled on, but Tammy concentrated harder and they regained their shape as they inflated. Her ass now rose 3 feet off the bed and continued to inflate. Judy yawned and turned the page, still oblivious to her inflating rump. For the first time Samy noticed a belly begin to form, and at closer inspection Judys breasts were also inflating. She had been so busy with her ass, that Samy hadn't noticed how big those tits were getting. They were at least DD, and on the verge of an E. But her thoughts shifted back to the ass, which continued to balloon. Samy grabbed Tammy and shook her.

"Bigger!, Fatter! Faster!" She yelled. "C'mon!...Pump her up!"

Tammys face hardened even more in concentration and Judys body grew outwards even faster. Every inch of that now immense rear was shaking as it grew. Samy guessed if you took a tape measure to her hips they would be at least 100' around. The ass blew outwards in every direction. Minutes passed as she grew and grew, thighs growing 4 or five feet in diameter, hips 8 feet wide at their max.

Finally Tammy relaxed and the growth ceased. Samy was quite satisfied. Although Judys face was just as angelic as when they had first come, her body was blown hugely out of proportion. Each part that had grown still looked almost toned, but Samy knew they must have been silky soft, and plush to the touch.

"That was amazing, how did you do that?" Asked Samy with an envious smile.

"A gift, a gift I now pass to you" Tammy said and she touched Samy on the forehead.

Samy felt a wave of pleasure slip through her and then it was gone.

"You can now do what I just did, but beware, if you use it too much, too often, the re percussions could be disastrous." Said Tammy warningly.

But Samy wasn't listening at all. She was thinking about all the people she could get and destroy with this. "Tomorrow" She vowed to herself. "Some people were going to be changed permanently."

The two walked away from the still oblivious Judy, got in Tammys car and drove off, leaving the girl on her bed.


Judy had been urging to scratch her ass for quite a while. But this article had been so interesting that she just couldn't put it down. But now, finished, she reached back. Her ass didn't feel right, and ass she slipped her arm down she noticed her breasts for the first time. She slowly turned to look at the full length mirror across the room. Her scream shook the house.


Samy sat alone in her car, exuberant over her newly gained powers. She now had the ability to shape other girls bodies, and their lives, forever. She drove back to her hotel room and left a message at the reception desk at the convention hall calling in sick for tomorrow. She checked her watch. 4:50. She flopped down on the bed but had a hard time falling asleep because she was so excited about the coming day. She woke up at 1:00 that afternoon. She showered and got dressed in a loose pair of jogging shorts and a sleeveless white shirt.

Before she took revenge on some people she wanted to play with her power a bit. She stopped down in the coffee shop in the reception area of the hotel. A snobby brunette was serving people. As Samy gave her the order teen kept giving her dirty looks, and her reactions were slow and angry. Under normal circumstances Samy would have asked to see the manager, but today she decided to punish the girl herself. She looked around to check the lobby. A few couples and singles were milling about sitting in the chairs or checking out, but none were very close by. The waitress turned and began to slowly make Samantha's coffee. Samy concentrated on the girls rear, and tried to imagine it growing. At first nothing happened, but then she noticed the brown material of the girls pants begin to stretch. It wasn't growing as fast as Judys had last night, but Samy guessed that was a skill acquired with practice, and she vowed to practice a lot. The pants stretched even further, and stitches in the cloth began to become apparent. As last night the victim was completely un-aware of the changes in her body. Her pant legs tightened up and split in a few places. The girl was at least 20lbs heavier now and still growing. Finally when a small rip could be heard from the girls pants, Samy stopped the girls gain. The brunette turned, still unaware of her own inflation and with a sneer told Samy that it would be about ten minutes. Samantha told her to forget it and quickly walked off, quietly laughing to herself the whole way. Samy slowly walked down the street, wondering who her next human balloon would be. She passed a school yard where a few teen girls were talking loudly to one another. Suddenly, one of them shoved another down, and the group followed the pusher away,laughing. The girl on the ground slowly rose.

She looked indignantly after her peers and turned and began to walk away. She then noticed Samy watching the entire event and flipped her the bird. Samy couldn't believe the nerve of that pushy little brat. That blonde was gonna get it, and Samy would easily give it too her. She kept her distance from the girl, and slowly began to follow her home. The girl abruptly turned down a dark alley and disappeared from sight. Samy cautiously picked her way through the dim light, and as her eyes began to adjust, the girl came into view and Samy quickly ducked behind a group of trash cans. The girl lit a cigarette and pulled a magazine out of her bookbag and began to read. Her back was turned to Samantha. Samy decided she wanted to see just how fast she could make the girl gain. She looked at the girls butt and began to concentrate. The girls tight rear was clothed in a pair of purple shorts. They began to stretch immediately as the teens butt began to widen. But it wasn't fast enough for Samy, and she concentrated harder. In the span of a few seconds the girls rear almost doubled in side. Her purple shorts didn't have time to adjust to the rapid change in their owners size. Caught off guard they ripped down the seams and fell off from the teens rounding rear. Underneath were a pair of teal colored panties, that were desperately trying to stretch and contain the girls ever widening ass. They began to reflect the light and shine as more and more flesh piled into them and tightened. The girls thighs kicked in as well. Samy tried even harder and the legs grew outward in every direction. The girls panties gave a final squeal and then blew off in every direction, leaving only small pieces of shiny teal material falling through the air. But Samy wasn't satisfied. The girl passed into the 200's, and then the 250's. Her ass widened and thickened and swelled ever faster. Finally when the girl had reached around 300 pounds Samy slackened off the pressure. She was pleased with the results the girls ass looked almost the same as it had nearly 200lbs ago, just big and fat. The teen hadn't taken any notice, and continued to puff on her cigarette and read her mag. Samy once again found herself very turned on, this experience had made her get wet almost immediately. Samy had to fight the urge to go over and begin to massage the teens huge ass cheeks. But she quickly fought it off and retreated from the alley, feeling very fulfilled.


Jessica Parker paused into the reading. For the first time that afternoon she felt the fall breeze on her rear. She wondered why because it wasn't that cold. She glanced downward and was at first only shocked at her nudity, but a few seconds later she almost collapsed when, in a shattered piece of a broken mirror behind her, she caught a glimpse of her vast butt.


Samy was very pleased with herself later that evening when she arrived back at the hotel. On the way she had gotten two more people. A snobby woman who had brushed past her while walking her poodle had gotten more than she bargained for with an extra 30 pounds riding on her ass. And some little teen on skates who had bumped into Samy was now rolling her way home with an additional 250lbs. Not only did this new power leave Samy feeling very fulfilled, it left her extremely horny. In fact, she planned later that night to vist an "old friend" of hers living just outside of town. She paused to look at herself in the mirror after she had changed out of her running clothes. She laughed at how slim she was compared to the blimpos she had just grown, but at the same time she was curious about why she was getting turned on by their inflation. She began to imagine herself with a bit more curvy butt. Yes, she could see it now, twin globes slowly expanding into mammoth cheeks. She sighed as she saw herself blossom into a true woman with full, flaring hips. Her daydream was cut short by a strange pressure she felt in her abdomen. She looked down and was shocked to see her thighs and ass slowly but surely growing. Quickly she brushed the thoughts of her own growth out of her mind and the inflation was stopped, but not before significant damage had been done. Gone were the trim hips of a super model. They had been replaced by a set of full, rounded hips, thicker thighs, and as she turned to see, a large, jiggly butt. She stepped on the scale and groaned as the numbers soared up into the 150's. Over 30 pounds in the span of a daydream. She looked at herself in the mirror and winced, thinking of all the hard work at the gym it was going to take to burn this extra flab off. The dress she had put on was once loose, but was now completely form fitting. Samy had to admit she sort of liked this new look, and heavily considered keepingit. She decided to think it out tonight in the car while she drove to Mandy Palups house. On the way over Samy began to recall all of the times Mandy had teased her back in middle school. Sure that was almost 10 years ago, but Samy had always been one to hold a grudge. She knew that Mandy was living with a friend of hers in a dorm at a local college, and Samy easily found it on her map. On the drive over Samy kept shifting in the seat.Finally finding a good position to rest her newly plumped rear, she sighed. The extra plushness sure was a bonus, and she even felt warmer. She also now thought that a bit of a plumper figure might be a nice change. She wasn't really a cow either. She still had her waist, and her measurements had only gone from 32-28-30 to 32-28-40, and she decided she could learn to deal with, and maybe even enjoy a set of 40 inch hips. But as she drove thoughts began to seep into Samys mind. Naughty thoughts. Thoughts she had hoped she had banished in her hotel room. She moaned as she saw herself inflating in her minds eyes.Oooo, she sure did love her new fat ass. Oh? Did it want to maybe get a little bigger? It sure did. It wanted to get a whole lot bigger. Oh, there it went, growing nice and round, mmmm, it felt so good too. So nice and fat, and getting fatter. Oh? It seemed her belly wanted to swell a bit too. Well it was welcomed to. She was glad for the company. Oh, those clothes she was wearing sure were constricting....she wanted to get so fat...

"Oh God!"

Samy pulled off of the road with a jolt. She flipped on the overhead light and half heatedly looked down at herself. Yes, it was true. She had been lulled into growing again. Yet in the back of her mind she was extremely proud of herself. Yes, here was a brand new belly. It was very full, and even sagged a little bit over her waistband. Little holes had appeared all the way down her nylons, and her thicker, softer, smoother legs were poking through everywhere. Her fat ass had become a large ghetto booty. It had widened a little, but mostly thickened, jutting out and away from Samys lower back. The dress was skin tight, and had rose over her butt. Her nylons had slipped in between her large orbs and her long crack was easily seen. She slapped her butt, sending ripples cascading through its surface. She lost herself in the moment of pleasure.

" nice and fat..."

Still, she wasn't quite fat was she? No, she wasn't as big as that Tammy girl had been. Sure her ass was the same size, or maybe even a bit bigger, but her arms and breasts weren't nearly that huge. She guessed her weight had now climbed into the low 180s, and she retrieved a tape measure from the trunk to check the new stats. 36-38-48, the numbers said it all. In the rear view mirror she caught another glimpse of her butt.

"I guess I won't be working off these pounds any time soon after all" she said aloud to herself. Strangely, she didn't really feel too unhappy about it.

The rest of the drive to the dorm Samy tried to keep the thoughts out of her head. Consciously she was happy with her figure, and didn't want to be any larger. But voices that were becoming more and more tempting kept asking her to grow. But Samy was alert and kept focused, and she arrived without putting on another ounce.

As she trudged along in a tangle of weeds around the edge of the dorm she cursed herself with having chosen such a bad garment. Of course, it had fit when she had left, and at this she had to let out a small giggle and she gave herself another little slap on her fat ass. She really had no idea how she was going to find Mandys room, but as she began to lose faith, fate intervened and in the next window Samy spotted the two girls they were on the bed kissing.

"So, she's bi too huh?" She whispered to herself. "Well, I'll teach her for making fun of me for it back in the old days!"

She concentrated harder then she ever had before. Both girls rears quivered violently, neither noticing the effects as usual. Suddenly, with amazing force, the butts of the two young ladies tore free of their restraints. This was even faster then Judys inflation had been the other night. Bellys began to poke through the girls tops as sleeves and shirts started to tighten against growing breasts and thickening arms. The girls didn't pay their own growth any heed at all, and continued to kiss as if nothing was going on. For some reason this infuriated Samy, and she doubled her onslaught. The girls looked like giant, inflating water balloons. Both were steadily rising higher and higher of of f Mandys bed as their asses pumped up with fat. Their rears finally burst from their panties, at almost the same time as their shirts and bras ripped off. They were now naked, bulging beauties, quickly waxing larger and larger in the dim light of the room. They just had to get fatter. So fat. Yes, giant. Huge. Blimps. Mega blimps.






Finally at around 1500lbs for each girl Samy snapped out of her trance. She couldn't believe her work. Each girl was a masterpiece.

Chapter II

Sitting on the remains of their crushed bed, still somehow locked in a fleshy embrace, the two mammoth lovers had no idea of their new dimensions. A around the 800 pound mark they had stopped swelling everywhere except in the legs, thighs, and especially the butts. Samy guessed that their rears diameter could now only be measured in the upper 400's. She was extremely happy, for even though the girls were obviously too large to move, their legs and rear still retained an almost toned look, even though they were covered by feet and feet of fat. As she slowly crept away from the window, wet through and through, Samy was rewarded by an echoing pair of screams chiming in unison as she snuck away. The spell this time had really taken a lot out of Samy. All she wished for was to get into her hotel bed and sleep, and as she drove back toward the city, she no longer had the strong reserve she had had on the way over. Those thoughts in the back of her head began to grow, and slowly took over. By the time she was 10 miles away from the dorm, she was lost in their grasp.

"I want to get so much bigger" Said her ass in a commanding voice. "I can be so much more" Echoed her belly. "We could be huge" Boomed her breasts.

Samy tried to hold firm, tried to maintain at least even a small hint of the reserve she had had earlier. But it was no use. Again and again she refused. But then in a much smaller, and sweeter voice, her ass chimed in again.

"Please, at least me, I can bring you so much beauty." Beauty?

In her half sleep Samys vanity was tempted by the mention of something she craved on a grand scale.

"Oh yes" The voice cooed soothingly. "You would look so good with me being so much larger, here, let me show you."

"Are you sure about this?" Asked Samy smiling. "Oh yes, very" Her butt whispered quietly.

It continued this way for a bit. In her mind each one of her major growth regions had a voice, and she talked with each of them. But as the last remnants of her resolve began to fade into the distance, the thoughts became more and more sultry, and began to blend in with one another. Oh yes, what a nice ass, so big and round. True, true, but it needs to be larger. Quite much bigger. Oh it so wants to be big. It wants to be noticed. These pants are ever so tight, and it wants to break free. Mmmmm, yes, and then it would be so fat. Yes, so incredibly fat. So soft, and wide, and especially thick. Oh look! There it goes. It's growing real fast too. There go the stitches on those pants. Just a little fatter, oh, pop! There it goes, now lets get those underwear. Yes, they are just so tight, and I bet we can rip them off with one giant blast. Here we go. 1...2...3! There they go. Wow, look at them, just shreds. Your belly sure is filling in well too, and look at how full those DD cups are getting. No more little girl bras for you Samy.... Samy burst out of her dream in a jolt. She identified her area as just outside of Seattle proper. She then noticed how tight the seat seemed and knew she had grown more. She also realized that she was completely naked. She quickly drove back to her hotel. She snuck up the fire escape ladder and silently snuck into her darkened room. She stepped into the bathroom and flipped the light to survey the damage. It wasn't as bad as she had thought. Apparently that belly stuff had only been in the last few seconds of her waking dream, because it only looked just a bit more full. Her chest was a lot more large then she remembered it, and her breasts looked like they were on the verge of an EE cup. They were still amazingly perky, and defied gravity by jutting almost straight out from her torso. Her arms were still the same size, and her face was still full of its well defined features. Below the waist things were different. Her small feet quickly turned into thick legs, which rose into large tree-trunk thighs. Her hips were about 4 and 1/2 feet wide now, and they flared dramatically away from her upper body. She turned to see her ass.

Two mountainous, but beautiful orbs of perfectly toned and sculpted flesh met her gaze. Yes, they were very pretty, in fact, Samy loved the way she looked. She took out the tape measure. 45DD-49-63. It was like a mega ghetto booty, because although she had a large belly and a huge chest, her ass dominated her figure. She loved the way she looked, and slapped her ass sending waves down its massive expanse. She grabbed her doughy cheeks and kneaded them like bread. She moaned in pleasure from her hefty rear. She calmed down after a bit. Looking at her clock she saw that it was almost 2:00, and was time for what ever rest she could find. She curled her body into bed and her last thought before winking out for the night was; 'not fat, just big, very very big, and oh so sexy'. She was rewarded the next morning with a stiff neck. Her belly rumbled loudly as she tried to un-kink herself, and it reminded her of just how much larger she now was. She rested her hands on her waist. Her fingers sunk into her skin, her waist buried under a soft cocoon of fat. She stared at her butt it the mirror. Yes, it was very beautiful, and oh so sexy. She only wished she had someone to share it with, someone of similar proportions.

Not fat, just big. She smiled as she thought this. She had a hard time finding anything to wear. Luckily for her bottom half she had brought a pair of sweat pants. Her underwear was impossible to fit right, so finally she simply let it roll up between her twin lobes like a string bikini, and she then concentrated on squeezing into the pants. It was a tough match, but Samy was finally able to squeeze her giant ass into the too tight pants. She wore the sweatshirt that matched the pants, and it too was bairly able to contain her. Her breasts jutted out, prominent as ever, and her large belly stuffed the shirt and also poked through the bottom. Well, maybe she was just a bit fat, but only a little. After fixing herself up to look modestly good she stepped out. The first thing she did was visit a local big womans store and pick up a few necessities. Some new panties and a few new, more accommodating outfits. Once dressed she walked swiftly back to her car and began to drive around. Every oretty woman she saw, she slowed down and changed. Ranging from the teens to their forties, each got her share. From 10 pounds to 300, each person walked away either a plumper, or a huge beauty. Eventually after 50 or so victims she got a little board. She had this idea that had been playing around in her head since last night and she wanted to try it out. She drove by a local middle school just as the students were rushing out. She had a hard time locating what she was looking for, but when she found it, she was very pleased. She spotted the perfect girl walking by herself.

The teen looked normal, except that any time a well proportioned girl walked by she would discreetly give her a long, lusty stare. Samy realized the girl must be at least Bi, if not completely lesbian, and she got out of her car and followed at a good distance. The girl was about 5'4 with brown hair, green eyes and a weight that couldn't have been more than 100lbs. She looked about 15, but by her flat chest and non existent hips, Samy almost thought she was younger. Samy followed the girl home and was pleased to see that no cars were in the driveway. The girl walked in the front door and Samy planned her next move. She decided on the direct approach, and after a few minutes of building her confidence, she quickly walked up to the door and rag the bell. The girl answered.

"Hi, my name is Samantha, is your mom or dad home?" She asked brightly.

"No, mom and dad are on vacation again, I'm here alone for the next few days" She said, her eyes widening as she noticed Samys expansive proportions.

Samy cheered inwardly and decided to go ahead and put things into motion.

"Well that's good, very good." Said Samy.

"Why is that good?" The girl asked, cocking an eyebrow.

Samy stepped inside and took the girl by the hand and sat her down on the couch. "What's your name sweety?"

"Jessica Saluce...what's yours?"

"Samantha, but you can call me Samy. Listen Jessica, I want to give you a very special gift. I mean look at you, deny it all you want, but you've got no curves at all. I want to solve that problem for you." Said Samy mater-o-factly.

"H-how could you do that?" asked Jessica, her voice quivering with excitement. "Like this" Said Samy, and she concentrated just a bit on Jessicas chest. Jessica looked down and gasped. Her chest was filling out and gaining status. Already her breasts were b cup, and rapidly moving toward a c. When she had reached a very full c cup Samy shut off the growth, but not before Jessica's shirt had been stretched to the limit.

"Oh god!, that was amazing, I mean, look at these!" She exclaimed loudly, jumping up causing her now large chest to jiggle and sway.

"Look at them bounce!, this is great, can you make them bigger!?!"

"Of course" Smiled Samy, and again she concentrated. Jessica's chest began to swell slowly once more. Her breasts passed into the D cup, then DD, then EE. Jessica just smiled the entire time, enjoying her own expansion into womanhood. Finally, with Jessica's breasts on the verge of an FF cup, Samy cut off the growth. Jessica looked disappointed.

"Is that all? Can't you make them bigger?"

"Are you sure?" Asked Samy, raising an eyebrow.

"Deffinatly! No other girl in the 9th grade is even close to this and I want to keep it that way, pump em up!" She ordered with a giggle.

Samy only nodded again. Jessica's chest once again began its slow inflation. Her shirt split wide as soon as the growth started, revealing her youthful, cream colored tits. FF quickly disappeared, as she closed on EE, and then past even EEE. Her udders were as big as watermelons and continued to slowly grow outward. Jessica was very pleased, and continued to smile. When her tits finally gave into gravity and bent downward almost to Jessica's womanhood, Samy stopped the growth. Jessica was having a hard time staying on her feet, her heavy chest weighted her down.

"Oh, these are just great, I don't care if my back hurts, these are well worth it."

"Well, I might be able to solve that back problem of yours..." Said Samy. "But wouldn't like it." Reverse physiology worked like a charm, and Jessica was desperate to hear how Samy could solve this new problem.

"How? How?....please fix me..." She said, and then getting an idea as if to entice Samy, she brought her nipples up to within inches of Samys lips.

"I'll make it oh, so worth your while." She said, smiling sexily.

"I have to make your butt big to balance out your chest" Said Samy whimsically.

"Sure, sure!, I've always wanted more healthy hips."Jessica's said happily. "Go on, balloon away!"

Samy concentrated. At first nothing was noticeable. But then Jessica's rump began to emerge from dormancy. At the start it only thickened, pushing out on Jessys loose shorts. However, after about ten or so pounds she began to widen at the hips. After a bit the two types of gaining began to slowly melt together, but mostly her butt thickened more then widened, quickly granting her a well defined ghetto booty. Her ass was very full, but Samy wasn't nearly satisfied. She continued to pump the willing Jessy up with more and more fat. Her thighs began to swell as well, maintaining their shape but getting fatter and fatter. Jessys athletic sliminess quickly disappeared and she began to look more and more like a girl who spent a large majority of her time eating. Her shorts squealed as they desperately tried to contain her ass, but they just couldn't win and they ripped down the seams and fell away from her in shreds. Her white panties had already rolled into her crack, leaving her giant, swelling cheeks exposed and only inches away from Samys face. Jessica began to moan and started to knead her ass like Samy had done only the night before. Her panties finally gave up the ghost and fell away from her widening rear, leaving her ass jiggling in all its glory.

Samy decided to turn up the pace, and as Jessys rear began to inflate quickly it started to swish and gurgle with all the fat it was being filled with. Minutes and minutes passed while Jessy grew, all the time loving it. Finally when her butt was nearly 1 and a half times Samys own size Samy turned off the inflation. The two orbs swelled briefly for a few seconds and then their growth lapsed. Her thick legs, thighs, and especially ass were those of a track star, but were the size of a 400 pound womans. Jessy beamed at her new dimensions and slowly waddled off to the bathroom to see herself. She looked happy when Samy caught up with her in Jessys room, but a bit confused.

"I dunno, something still doesn't look right" She confessed. "Oh I know what it is" Chirped Samy.

"What? Please tell me, I want to fix whatever is the matter" Jessy whined. "You're just not fat enough Jessy. You're big everywhere else, but you need a big belly to go along with it." Jessy looked down at her still washboard belly, and looked up even more confused. "Bu-but I thought flat bellies were where it was at." She said, a bit distressed.

"Oh no, deffinatly not, big is where you have to be Jessy, get with the times, fat is where it's at." Jessy looked over at Samy.

Yes, Samy was large, and she did have a big belly, and it was very sexy, and her confusion quickly melted away.

"Pump me up to fatness Samy....please" She moaned, the look in her eye desperate.

Samy could tell this girl wanted to be big and sexy more then anything else. And who was she to stop her from reaching this goal. She decided a fast gain on this one. She concentrated hard. Jessica gasped loudly as all of a sudden, her belly began to rapidly inflate. It grew in every direction, never developing any folds, but not looking quite pregnant either. It sagged a little bit, but mostly held it shape as it grew outward more and more. After 5 minutes Samy shut it off. Jessicas belly now jutted more than 3 feet out infront of her. She smiled it and cradled it lovingly. Any pre existing guilt or mistrust was gone, and Samy had to admit that in the span of under a half of an hour, the girl had blossomed into a woman.

"Let's weigh me!" Giggled Jessy, and Samy followed the larger girl as she slowly shifted her mammoth body down the hall.

Once on the scale the numbers whirred for several minutes. The dial finally came to a stop on 560lbs. She was over 450lbs heavier then when Samy had first come it, and looking better then either could have possibly conceived. Jessica smiled happily and hugged Samy, who got very horny feeling herself press up against this sex goddess. She knew it was wrong, but she just could resist. She began to caress Jessys backside. Jessy started to moan, and began to slowly unbutton Samys top. The two began to move toward Jessys bed, which collapsed when they lay down on it under the combined weight of near 800lbs. Samy suckled Jessys tits while giant girl finished ripping off her clothes. The sex that followed was awesome. The huge difference in their sizes made it all the more erotic, and each region on Jessys body was explored in depth by Samys tongue. That night, lying on the mattress, the two talked as they cuddled.

"Come away with me" Begged Samy.

"Why? I like it here, it's my home." Said Jessy sadly.

"But I'm falling in love with you, and that huge sexy ass of yours" She added, playfully slapping Jessys mountainous rump.

"I know, and I guess so, you sure we can't even leave a note for my parents?" The girl asked.

"Nothing, we need to keep it secret and I don't want to get found out. Even though we are a great couple, people would think a 15 year old with a 23 year old was kinda strange, so from now on you're 18, ok?"

"Sure, I like being 18, I get to do all sorts of cool stuff." Giggled Jessy.

The two kissed each other good night and fell asleep in one anothers arms. The next day Jessy woke up first and nudged Samy awake.

"You need to get fat too you know, it can't just be me." said Jessy incredulously.

"But I don't want to, I'm happy with my size." Said Samy, still a bit tired.

"Oh C'mon! I got fat, and let's face it, it's a pretty good deal for you!" Shouted Jessy. "I mean, I'm big, and slow, and I waddle, and seats are a bitch, and I can't stop feeling hungry, why shouldn't you have to deal with it?!?"

"Well...uh....I dunno" Said Samy.

"That's not good enough!" Then Jessys tone changed and she began to caress Samys ass.

"C'mon, just imagine how sexy your ass would be bigger. So soft and plush. The crack would be so big and deep, the cheeks so smooth and round. That giant rolling belly, those huge, pendulous tits, mmmm...I can just imagine suckling them now...."

Maybe it was because she hadn't had her morning coffee, or maybe it was because Jessys description had been so strong, or maybe it was some practical joke trick of the magic, but Samy began to imagine these things in great detail. Even when they began to get strong, even when she started to feel her ass expand, they wouldn't go away. Jessy just smiled and watched as she noticed what was happening to her lover. The look on Samys face was one of pure ecstasy as she began to balloon faster and faster. Her legs and ass began to jut more and more. Her crack deepened and widened. The surface area of her cheeks grew and grew. Her boobs blew up, her belly drooped outward, her thighs thickened...Her ass dominated. It grew in every direction, but mostly thicker. It quickened its pace, growing faster and faster. Her butt softened, stretched, blimped, inflated, enlarged, widened, and gained. It grew to twice its size, then 3 times it's size. Her thighs managed to keep up, but after a while the rest of Samys body simply could not keep pace with her expanding rear end. Her butt was out of control. With each passing second it stretched wider and thicker. It began to knock over furniture and shelves, clearing it's way. It crushed articles in the room and Jessy had to really move to keep out of the way of a flood of ass. It flattened everything in the room. The whole time Samy remained un aware of her growth as she expanded beyond measurement in her lower half. She moaned as she grew, expanding and expand, always reaching for that pinnacle, the ultimate ghetto booty.


Epilogue Jessy's parents returned to find her room trashed. Everything was smashed to bits, as if a herd of animals had come rushing through while they were gone. The police found articles of a large womans clothing, and got reports that sometime a week past late at night a large truck pulled up in front of their house and took something rather large away. Their daughter was gone, and so was all the food in the fridge. Unknown to either the police or the parents, there is a small tropical island in the south pacific which in recent years has been called "The Moaning One". This is not what scares villagers, for young maidens who attempt to slip by The Moaning One are lured by the strange moans and never return. In their place a few have claimed to have seen giant women dancing around fires late at night, surrounding two megasized ones of a different skin color. After the fires go out, you realize why the natives renamed the island.