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Julie is Jealous

This is the story of a young girl who is very jealous and get more so as she grows older, and about the lessons that life teaches her.

Julie sat down on a sharp rock a let out a small yell. Quickly leaping to her feet she slowly rubbed her small backside, staring indignantly at the sharp rock.

"Stupid rock!" The 12 year old yelled.

Across the playground were several other sharp rocks of a similar size. She wondered why the school didn't have them removed, as she saw them as potentially dangerous to her.

However, as her eyes swept among the droves of students she spotted another girl of her age sitting quite peacfully on another sharp rock. The girl was nothing at all like Julie. She was a lot bigger. Julie was 5'4 and a scant 104lbs. This girl was at least 5'7, and stuck out amongst the other girls. But she wasn't only taller then Julie. This girl was big. Big and FAT. She was at least twice Julie's width, and her fat bottom flowed over the rock. Her large belly and small, yet developing breasts filled her lap. Julie walked over.

"Hey, doesn't that rock hurt your butt? It's really sharp!" She asked the larger girl.

The girl looked up.

"Oh, not really," She said standing slowly. "I guess I just didn't notice at all."

With this the larger girl walked off, leaving Julie to stare at her large hips as they slowly rolled side to side, the girls butt jiggling in a sensual way. The rest of the day Julie thought about the girl. Why couldn't she sit on the rock? Why didn't it hurt the girl? The answer finally came to her as she was lying in her bed that night. She sat up.

"Oh yeah! All that fat must have cushioned it!" She said to herself.

Julie began to get jealous. She wanted to be able to do stuff like that too, and come to think of it, she found almost everything she sat on uncomfortable. Chairs, toilets, desks, just about everything just didn't feel right on her butt. She decided then and there that she was going to get just as big and soft as that girl. Over the next few weeks Julie ate more than her usual helpings. She knew from TV that if you ate too much eventually you would get fat.

However, after almost a month, she stepped on the scale and found that she hadn't even gained a pound. She was really angry, and almost gave the whole thing up. But the next day at school, Julie saw the larger girl again. She was surrounded by boys and girls alike, and a lot of them were giving her appreciative looks. Julie herself didn't have any good friends, and this made her even more jealous of the larger girl. She doubled, and then trippled her efforts to put on weight. Her mother, seeing an increased appetite in her girl, started giving her more healthy portions. Her mom had also read recently in a magazine that it might be a good idea to give kids more energy.

Her mom, not being of a real medical background, thought that energy meant calories, so she began to load Julie's servings up with more greasy, and fatty portions. Julie ate everything that was put down in front of her, never losing sight of her goal. She kept up her pace. Everytime she saw that girl at school, she just wanted to beat her even more, and Julie's little race that only she knew about seemed to increase in potency every day.

At the end of a month and a half Julie stepped up on the scale. The numbers whirred around until they finally settled on 131lbs. She looked at herself in the mirror. Long, golden locks still framed her relatively thin face, but farther down she had grown breasts. They were about B cup, but it was a lot bigger then the trainer bra she was used to. Her once trim waistline jutted out in a little paunch that seemed to defy gravity.

Farther down, her thick legs looked very meaty and plump, and she was quite proud of the jiggles that now shook her thighs when she walked. Upon spinning around she saw she had achieved the rear she had been going for. Her backside was broad and very sexy, her tight clothes accenting her rounding rump. She was quite content, seeing that she had out curved the girl at school. She didn't seem to have any new friends, but the fact that in her mind she had won was satifactory. She went on the same all through summer and half way into seventh grade.

Here the stakes were most deffinatly higher. Girls were starting to really seriously date guys all over the place, and Julie felt really left out. It didn't really get to her until things started happening at home. Her mom had never really had many friends, but she had been munching on Julie's food when she cooked it, and had vastly out distanced her daughter. She had always been plump, but her waistline had recently expanded a lot wider. She was 4 inches taller then Julie, and now at least 90lbs heavier.

Walking next her her growing mother Julie felt safe and her mother now seemed to have a more commanding attitude over things. Her mom started to get all sorts of friends comming over, and with her parents divorced, her mom's dating life seemed to flourish. One night Julie came home to see that her mom was having a party. Soon the guests began to arrive. Julie was shocked. Her mom had so many friends. They were all of different sizes, but her mom's closest seemed to be a group of women her size, or even a bit larger. One man hung around Julie's mom a lot too. Later that evening when the party had begun to slow down and people were dancing, Julie spotted her mom and another lady of almost the exact same size chatting with the same man.

From behind Julie could see the man's hands slowly reaching down the backs of both women. He then tenderly slipped his hands into both their pants and both women let out a little jump. But the man kissed both and they all laughed, the man continuing to massage both of the women's behinds. Julie walked a little closer so she could hear what they were saying. The man kept telling both plumpers that their asses could be even softer if they got fatter. Both kept giggling and saying they desperatly wanted to be even bigger. Then Julie saw her mom whisper something to the both of them, and all three quickly went upstairs.

Julie didn't understand all that had just happened, but she knew that her mom was having a great time, and she knew she wanted someone to rub her butt the same way. She wanted to ask her mom after the guests left about why she wanted to get fatter, but her mother's door was closed and she knew not to disturb her. Instead she went into her room and studied her clothed ass. She began to think of her mother. Of all the attention she was getting. Of how fun it must be for a person to touch her that way.

She began to grow furiously jealous. She wanted to be like that. She decided she knew just how her mom and all those other ladies did it. She needed a butt that size to attract some new people to her and liven up her life. Julie went about getting a bigger butt in much the same way as she had before. She just ate more. However, a lot of the girls at school were talking about their boyfriends on the football team eating weight gain formula to get bigger. Julie overheard this and, envious of her mother, thought that bigger also meant taller.

Secretly she went out and bought 4 boxes of the stuff. It tasted horrible, but when she mixed it in with a milkshake it just made the milkshake seem thicker. She drank at least 2 shakes every day after school, and when she decided she wasn't getting any taller, she upped that to three. Her mother, seeing her girl bloom, quickly set about following what she thought was the right thing to do for her child, and made Julie's meals even more greasy, she also kept tasting everything she made, and soon to her delight she found that her ass was getting even bigger and sexier.

Janice, the woman who had been with Julie's mom on the night of the party, had been comming over more and more, and between meals Julie noticed that the lady seemed to be getting more beautiful by the day, along with Julie's mom. Indeed, both Janice and Julie's mom began to change wardrobes very often. Julie also noticed her own clothes getting tight often too, but her mom continued to smile every time Julie split a seam and just patted her daughter's inflating bottom and sent her off to get new clothes. Finally, after 3 months Julie stepped up onto her mom's new heavy scale and let the numbers do the talking. They spun around and finally settled on 198lbs.

Julie spun around, admiring her work. Her belly jutted out and even hung down a bit in front of her. Her breasts had coninued to grow, and now were splitting her restraining C cups. Her wide hips curved down to sexy, fat thighs, and hefty legs. Her rear promissed the most gain though, and she admired her two shapely globes divided down the mirror by a juicy crack. She hadn't surpassed her mother yet, but her passion to grow had temporarily cooled off quite a bit and was satisfied. Still, she longed for attenion. Seventh grade was over after a week and Julie was left at home.

Julie's mom had invested quite heavily in something she called the 'stock market', and one day she came home all excited, and told Janice that they had hit it big and she would never have to raise one chubby finger again. Julie was all too happy to have her mother home all the time, and soon Janice began to park her car in the garage. When Julie asked her why Janice answered.

"Oh Julie, I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you, I'm living with you and your mom now, is that ok?" Julie liked Jancie a whole lot, and eagerly shook her head in agreement.

However, her relationship with Janice was about to take a different track. One Saturday when her mom was out at some stock meeting for the weekend Julie and Janice were sunning outside on their new porch next to a brand new Jacouzy. Julie's weight had finally settled at around 202, and she was quite content. She knew she was sexy, and she wore the bikini to prove it.

Janice got up and slowly slipped her body into the pool. A few days ago Julie had asked Janice about how big she was and Janice had proudly stated she was now over the 270lbs mark and was still a 'growing girl'. Julie liked that, liked it a lot, because she knew that if Janice was growing, she was going to keep getting better looking. Julie glanced over and Janice's fat, yet shapely rear end.

Julie decided to join her in the bubbling waters. She sat across form Janice, who glanced up and looked at Julie for a long moment, and then smiled and went back to reading a magazine. Julie simply stared up at the puffy clouds that filled the afternoon sky, trying to make shapes out of them. She glanced down to see Janice looking at he again, a strange gleam in her eye.

"Julie," Janice began. "Have you been growing lately?" Julie was a bit embarassed that somebody had noticed,but Janice was only 6 years older then her, and was going through the same changes, so she decided to tell the truth.

"Yah, I was just getting a bit bigger, I wanted to be beautiful and sexy, and be a 'growing girl' (she like the way that sounded) too."

"Well Julie, I'm glad to hear that, but your recent expansion has put such a strain on that bra of your's, why don't you slip out of it." Said Janice, smiling pleasantly.

Julie was a bit shy, but was also excited. She quickly slipped her tight top off, her large breasts slowly expanding to their full size. Janice slid her big body over next to Julie, her warm ass tenderly lying against the smaller girl's own rear.

"This is so nice" Said Julie, and she calmly reached over and un-snapped Janice's bra. She giggled as Janice's giant tits filled out.

"Fair's fair" she laughed.

The two then embraced and began to kiss. Julie had never done anything like this before, but she seemed to be doing fine at it. She got to finally grab Janice's ass, which she had been urging to do for the longest time. They 'played' with each other for hours that day. After they had gotten dressed again, Janice told Julie not to tell her mother until Janice told her it was ok, and Julie agreed, telling Janice she didn't want her mom to know about her lover anyways.

Some nights, very late, Julie would feel Janice slip in next to her and they would cuddle. And whenever her mother was gone, Julie made sure they were both quickly naked. But every night Janice was larger then the night before, and soon Julie began to feel small, insignificant, and most of all, Jealous. Julie was able to contain her jealously for a bit longer this time then last time. She was a bit older now, and tried to be adult about it and not let it get to her. But when Janice told her one night that she had passed 300lbs and was rapidly catching up to Julie's mom whom was near 350lbs, Julie wanted nothing more then to be just as fat as her secret lover.

Summer was comming to a close when she began to gain again. She knew that once the break ended she would have to go back to school, and that would mean gym and exercise, and she wanted to pack on as much as she could before then. She ate everything she could find that was high in calories, and tried her best to laze around the house all day. Some weekends her and Janice would lie in bed cuddling and eating all day, but Julie would always make sure she ate most of it.

At night she would pack her fattening midesction until it was tight. She also went to the library a few times. There she found articles on weight loss. By putting the info that the weight-loss books gave her backwords, she found better ways to pack on the pounds. She had her mother by whole milk, and then finally straight cream, which she and Janice were constantly slurping down.

On sunny days she would get naked and float in the jacouzy all day, eating pasteries off a floating tray. Finally the last Monday before school arrived and she went up to her mother's room and stepped on to the new super scale that her mom had gotten recently. The dial went faster and faster for quite a while before it began to settle. It came to a rest on 289lbs.

Julie looked at herself in the mirror. For some reason her face had stayed relatively thin, although her cheeks did seem a little fuller. Her mom, she realized, was the same way, not really storing a whole lot of fat in her face.

Farther down Julie's chest had eclipsed any other she had ever seen but her mother's and Janice's. Her tripple D cup slowly rose and fell as she breathed, ripples cascading down her heavy jugs. They sat upon her globular gut, which along with her thighs now shielded her pussy from view.

Her thighs were extremely soft and fleshy, and she slapped one sending waves cascading all the way down her fat legs. She slowly turned revealing her most beautiful asset.

Her fat cheecks were smoother and more beautiful then any she knew. She didn't have a fold anywhere on her lower body, and her butt almost looked the same as it had 185lbs ago, just about 5 times larger. Her ass shook and jiggled when she even breathed slightly, and every move she made cast her fat ass into a delightful quiver.

Janice had been urging her more and more lately to try and build her butt up, and Julie was happy at her accomplishments. Still, Julie's new habits had worn off quite a bit on Janice, who was now nearly 330lbs. Julie was catching her, but only slowly. She had to beat Janice, it had become an obscesion, and she urged to one day crawl into bed next to Janice and be the larger woman. She knew if she kept going, she would eventually get her wish.

School started with on a dreary Tuesday. Julie had been loathing this day all summer, and as she slowly slipped out of bed and into pants out of her 10th wardrobe that summer(which were skin tight), she loathed going in. It wasn't school she minded so much. Julie didn't hate to learn. What she did hate was all the exercise that school took. Not only was she trying to be lazy now, she was lazy.

She just didn't find herself with the energy she needed to make it through the day. She was met in the foyer by Janice. As usual on days that Julie's mom wasn't home, Janice was dressed in only a tight pair of panties. Her huge, soft breasts beckoned Julie, and when she reached the bottom of the stair she instantly began to suckle on them.

Julie wanted to do this all day, but the bus would be there soon and she knew she had to go. She broke away slowly and began to go when Janice grabbed her ass and squeezed the soft flesh.

"And where do you think you're going?" Ask Janice in her sensual voice.

"School silly." Julie giggled as she playfully pushed the plumper away. "And I really have to go too or I'll miss my bus."

But Janice kept playing with Julie's ass, and Julie began to get more and more aroused.

"Oh, but I think this fat ass of your's is just too big for those desks..." Said Janice, kissing Julie on the neck. "...And besides, you're no longer enrolled in school. With all the money your mom has gotten lately, she's bought a large house on an Island in the Pacific, you don't have to go to school ever again." Julie almost choked.

She was so happy that her once short summer could now go on forever. She knew her mom would make sure she always had enough money and suddenly education seemed like something of the past. She furiously helped Janice undress her and the two slipped into ecstasy together. 3 months later Janice was relaxing by the pool in front of her own personal beach house.

Janice and her mom were lodged about 1/2 a mile up the white sanded beach, and she was comfortable being just out of sight, yet not out of touch with both women. She wasn't alone though. Before leaving the closest populated island her mom had met a slave trader. Although she deplored slavery, she began to deal with the man and soon purchased 4 girls, one of which was Julie's age to be free on her island paradise.

The other three had openly accepted their freedom, and now lived in with Julie's mom and Janice not as servants, but as room-mates.

But Kimberly was deffinatly different. She was of the purest white complection, with bright red hair and sweet little freckles all over her face. Certainly a rare feature in these islands. In fact, Julie hadn't seen someone like her since she had left the U.S. Kimberly's parents had been killed when she was just a baby and some how she had fallen into the slave trader's hands.

She, along with the other girls had been treated sternly, but not brutally by the old man. But where as the other girls come to the trader after they were older, Kimberly had been there since she was a baby, and being a servant was all she knew. So as much as Julie had pleaded, Kimberly refused to do anything but what her 'master' said to.

This really urked Julie, because she thought Kimberly could be the friend she was looking for, not just some slave. Still, the idea of ordering the girl around did sort of please Julie, and besides, it meant almost zero work for her. As a result she had now plumped up to over 320lbs and was looking forward to at least doubling that amount.

She had predicted she would have to because it appeared she might never catch Janice, who was at 389 the last time they had seen each other 2 days ago, and Julie guessed the 18 year old was probably very close to 400lbs now. So it was on one of these lazy days that Kimberly was serving Julie drinks when the big girl got an idea.

"Kimberly, please come over here for a second, I need to talk to you..." Said Julie in between slurps.

"Of course master, I'll be right there!" Kimberly said brightly. She skipped over to where Julie was lounging on a deck chair.

"First of all sit down" Ordered Julie.

Kimberly looked around. There were no other deck chair around so she sat down on the cement.

"Oh get up silly!" Giggled Julie. "I didn't mean down there, sit on me." Kimberly smiled happily and did as her master ordered.

Due to the size of Julie's belly there wasn't much lap to sit on. In order to stay on top of Julie, Kimberly straddled the larger girl and faced her. Julie looked deep into the girls shiny blue eyes before speaking.

"Ok, first of all I want you to drop this whole master thing" Began Julie. "It's really bothering me, and from now on I order you to call me Julie, K?" Kimberly nodded in agreement. Julie sighed.

"Ok, here's the deal....I order you to get a bigger butt." Kimberly looked shocked, but didn't once question her master's orders.

She simply nodded curtly in agreement. Julie Continued. "Now this is an order." She said sternly. "And I don't just want you to get a plump butt. I want you to grow a gigantic butt. I want you to grow and grow and grow until one day your ass is so incredibly fat that you wont be able to get up, and then I want you to double your size, and then triple it. I want you to get so huge you can barely wriggle your toes....And more then anything else I want you to want this. Whether you like it or not your only goal around here is to get huge and sexy below the waist, got it? And you're gonna love every minute of it, no matter what." Kimberly sat there stunned.

She didn't even utter a word. She just nodded, and then smiled as best she could. She started to get up when Julie grabbed her leg and eased her back down. "And one more thing Kimberly. I want you to research all you can about how you are going to keep almost all your new weight below your waist. I want you to look and look and look until you find a way to only grow larger breasts and almost no gut. Just a huge, giant, quivering, blubbery ass, and mammoth thighs and legs to go along with it." Kimberly sighed and nodded, but before she could get up Julie bent forward and kissed her.

Kimberly instantly kissed back and the two embraced for several minutes. Finally, when Kimberly got up to go start working on getting large Julie slapped her small ass.

"I bet you can't triple its size in the first month." She said.

"Just watch me," smiled Kimberly as she walked away, swaying her tiny hips as best she could.

Kimberly would spend entire days reading and eating, and never once saying a word to Julie. She would get up late, get tons of fatty foods, and then retreat to her room with a pile of weight-loss magazines seeing if she could find a way to reverse "hip slimming techniques" that the mags kept mentioning. The first day Julie measured her. She was a small 5'4 and 107lbs. She was 20a-24-28, and compared to Julie's 52E-61-73, she had a long way to go to even start to catch her master. Any time that she was given for a break she would run up to Julie, tear off her master's pants, and bury her face between the huge cheeks, kissing everywhere.

It was inspiring for her to be down there, not to mention Julie got a real kick out of it. After a few days she got used to stuffing herself, and soon she could eat, then sleep, then wake up and eat again fairly often.

The end of the first week brought already dramatic results. She had put on an amazing 10lbs and 3 inches on her chest and 3 more on her midsection, plus an additional 4 on her behind. Julie knew in these first few weeks a large portion of her weight would go to her belly, and already she had the 'pudgy belly' look that just blossoming plumpers get. Julie didn't expect her to come even close to an ass 3 times the size it was now, but the determined Kimberly still ate more and more every day, getting bigger to please the master, and now lover.

By the second week both girls were falling head over heels in love with one another. Kimberly gave up on a lot of the slave stuff after the first few days, and Julie could see she was now really enjoying herself at this. The weeks flew by, and so did the numbers on Kimberly's scale. Every day there were new folds to explore, new inches to roam, new ass to squeeze, and Julie loved it.

The little plumper continued to grow fatter and fatter and fatter for over a month an a half, and then, she abruptly stopped. It wasn't that she had stopped eating. Far from it. When the pounds decided to stop rolling in she just doubled, then trippled her efforts to fatten. But to no avail. Sure she gained a pound a week, if she was lucky, but it was like a valve somewhere had been shut off. After 3 weeks of no gain Julie told her to stop trying and let Julie see what she could find to help. Kimberly's weight was holding steady at around 230lbs. Her measurements were an outlandish 36D-40-61. Julie had loved the way that almost all the new fat had been dumped into Kimberly's fat ass, and she wished it could continue.

She had all sorts of experiments done on Kimberly, and all sorts of weight gain potions tried on her. One that was almost successfully swelled her butt up to 230' around, and Julie's legs up to 70' each. But the stuff lasted only one day, and after amazing sex the two had woken up with Kimberly back to normal and Julie very disappointed. Julie could think of only one other option. She told Kimberly that they were going to do another test. Julie was probed and prodded for 10 minutes before the Dr. came out again.

"You have my money?" He asked with a grin.

Julie handed him a black suitcase. He peeked inside, his eyes widening as he did.

"Yes, this is even better then I expected!" He shouted with joy. He then composed himself.

"Now how many again?"

"Five...does she have the capacity?" Julie said sternly.

"Of course, I've given her special drugs to make it all the more pleasurefull. Also, it will make them very fat, 30-40lbs each by the 9th." said the Dr., still smiling.

Kimberly called from the other room and the Dr. returned to her. After about another 3 minutes Kimberly came out with a Band-Aid on her belly button.

"He had to give me a shot, but it didn't hurt!" She said happily. "He promised it would make me a lot bigger." She said, giggling.

The Dr. left and left the two alone. Julie began to squeeze Kimberly's fat ass and they both began to moan. Kimberly turned to kiss her, and they both grabbed each other's behinds. As they fell onto Julie's bed, all she could think about was that she wished that this new tactic would work in the way she had hoped. It did. Over the next few weeks Kimberly was ill from time to time. The only difference was that the day after the Dr. came she began to request more and more food. To both girl's delight Kimberly's ass once again began to fill out, and by the 7th week she had passed 80' in the hips and was continuing to grow fatter by the day.

However, Kimberly began to get strange feelings at night. One time Julie woke up at around 3:00 in the morning to find Kimberly in the bathroom poking her belly. "It's been really getting a lot bigger lately" She said, tentatively continuing to poke her larger gut.

"It was 55' this morning and I'm barely up to 270lbs, what's going on?" She asked herself more than anyone.

Julie just wrapped her big arms as far around Kimberly's enlarging waist and drew her close. Both girl's breasts touched and they began to kiss and moan. "Don't worry about it, I'm sure it's just a random occurrence..." Julie lied. 8 weeks later it was apparent it was not. Julie was now up to nearly 420lbs and was finding moving around a lot more difficult lately. She would just lay around the house and eat all day, while the smaller, yet just as awkward Kimberly would do menial work and then join her lover.

Kimberly had grown to well over 340, and her 95' butt was rapidly catching up to her lover's 124'. Her gut was the biggest suprise to her, though not to Julie... It was now up to 72' and was beginning to rival her butt. Once it had simply been a small shelf in front of her. Now it jutted 3 feet in front of her and was plush, but steady. Kimberly had been feeling strange jerks in her gut for the past few weeks and finally Julie sat her down and told her.

"You're pregnant Kim..." she said slowly. "I'm pregnant? how can that be? I've never slept with anyone but you!" she said, worried that Julie thought she might be cheating.

"Oh silly, I did it to you, I had you impregnated by that doctor. Remember he promised you would get bigger?" asked Julie with a smile.

Kimberly nodded, smiling weakly, but started to feel a bit dizzy. "Don't worry about it, you'll be fine, I'm sure you don't want to take care of babies yet, so I've arranged to have them adopted..." said Julie

"No!" said Kimberly abruptly. "No...I want to keep them!" she clutched her giant gut and cradled it.

"But Kim, sexy, look at us!" Interjected Julie. She slapped Kimberly's fat ass, send huge waves rolling through it. "We're huge! I'm going to be immobile in another 200lbs, and you'll catch me soon. How far do you think 200lbs is for both of us? Maybe 5 months at best. That means you're going to have to stop walking because your too huge right about when they're born!"

"I don't care." retorted Kimberly stubbornly. "I'm keeping them and that's that."

"Well, then what's your plan Kim? How ya gonna do it?" asked Julie. "You know I had them all programmed with genes to make them get absolutely massive as they grew up."

"Then they'll just have to get big right along side of their mommy." said Kimberly smiling and squeezing her mammoth ass.

"Kimberly..." But Kimberly shot Julie another stern glance, and Julie knew she wasn't going to win this one.

"Well...I suppose." And so for the next six months the little game continued.

In a little under a month Julie told her mom that her and Kim were "expecting", and her mother was all too delighted at Kim's decision to keep the babies. Anyway, 6 months later Kimberly was just days from delivering 5 baby girls. Her weight had stopped expanding, but this was only due to the fact that she wanted to make it safe for her girls when they were born.

She was holding steady at 789lbs. Her ass was giants, her legs too thick too move, her belly so fat she couldn't see the ground even ten feet in front of her, and her breasts so swelled with milk that the had reached down to both sides of her huge belly. Every day she simply sat there, ate a little, occasionally made love to the now 825lbs immobile Julie, and waited for the inevitable.

Her ass, now nearly 180' around was a beautiful sight, and was almost identical to Julie's 189'. She was on the verge of motherhood, and only time would tell how this mother, well, these two mothers would handle the 5 little girls that within a decade or two would double Julie's size. But that is a story to come later.

The End