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The New Chef

Judy and Kara had been friends since they were very little. Kara had been born in Boronsboro, and had really never left except for occasional vacations. Judy had moved there when she was 2 and had never really known anywhere else. The two met at preschool and became good friends quickly. By the time they were 11 they were inseparable. They distanced themselves a little at the beginning of junior high due to widening social circles, but they remained fast friends.

Over the years the girls may have grown up together, but they certainly didn't grow together. Kara was a full 5 inches taller than Judy's 5'2. She was also a good 60lbs heavier....

This began back in seventh grade. Judy had gone out for the track team and Kara did the same. However, while out jogging one day she had tripped and broken her ankle. She was out of track for that year, and spent the better part of the winter mostly staying off her feet when she wasn't at the physical therapist. June jogged while Kara lounged. The results of this were dramatic.

While the two still saw each other very often, their physical appearances took vastly different tracks. Kara grew lazy, and soon developed a healthy belly and a large derriere to match. By the end of the winter she sharply contrasted her slimmer friend.

Kara was a big girl now and didn't mind it much at all. In fact, she rather enjoyed the looks she was receiving from both sexes at her school. Secretly this bothered Judy a lot. She had never been to fond of fat people and viewed them as slobbish and dim-witted. She didn't like the idea of her friend becoming one. All winter she continued to off-handedly bring up the topic of weight. But, much to her dismay, Kara would just shrug it off.

"I'm a growing girl" Was a common response. "Not all of us are meant to be thin, and frankly I kind of like the idea of being a little on the plump side". She didn't know why but this made Judy angry.

They shared mutual friends, and those friends were now almost agreeing with Kara's shift of life-style.

"Why should we have to conform to those stupid super-models. Look at Kara, she's bigger and better looking then ever before, and I'm sure it's due to the added weight." The friends would say.

June didn't agree at all. Kara was getting big and she couldn't believe other people were accepting her for it, let alone admiring her for it. She realized she was going against her friends wishes, but she thought that in the long run her idea of what Kara should look like would do her good. But her ideas didn't seem to effect Kara or the rest of June's friends, and by the beginning of school the next year many of them had added a good 20 or 30lbs to their frames and anticipating growing even larger.

This was when Chef Janice Marleen took over as the school lunch lady at Kara and June's high school. Just out of high school herself, Janice was witty, tall, slim, and beautiful. She was admired for her charm and intelligence, as well as her happy outlook and good cooking skills.

The students loved her food, the staff loved her attitude, and Janice loved them all back. She was also able to get along well with the students, she being only 19 herself. These strong ties led her to take a personal interest in what was going on between Kara and Judy.

Janice saw them in lunch line with their friends every day. And every day they would basically get the same thing. Oh, sure the variety of the meal changed, but the amounts were starkly the same. For Kara it was always a double order, and in her first two months there Janice noticed that the once loose jeans that the 15-year old wore began tight and form fitting around her posterior.

Judy, on the other hand, was into almost nothing. Usually 2 pieces of fruit and a light sandwich. Skim milk was her choice of drink, and on the rare occasions that Janice had forgotten to stock milk then Judy would go with nothing. Janice felt sorry for the girl. All the rest of her friends were blossoming young plumpers, and Janice saw Judy as being left behind.

She could also relate to the girl well. Back at this age a bunch of her friends had plumped up too. But Janice had decided to fight that and stayed slim. She regretted this to that day, her shabby love-life proof of what the guys were really looking at in a girl. Janice was a bi-sexual, but for all her charm and grace she was still a virgin.

A few years after junior high she had become attracted to the larger girls and wished for a larger body herself. But to no avail, she had missed a prime age of development, and had missed out on some dangerous curves that her sisters and her friends had.

Still, Janice was pretty. 5'6, 116lbs with brown hair and matching eyes she did occasionally get some attention, but was mostly left behind by her contemporaries. Often after lunch Janice would catch herself staring at either Kara or Judy. She like Judy's brown hair and green eyes that flashed when she smiled, but her slim-form was a bit of a turn off.

Kara didn't have quite a pretty face as her friend, but her body was wonderful. The paunch she had once carried in front of her hadn't grown since the first few weeks she had plumped, but her thick thighs curved up to a very big ass which dangerously stretched the limits of her clothes every day. Framed by black hair, her face had big blue eyes and shiny white teeth.

Janice made it a point to get to know both girls. She found about Kara's urges to grow even larger, and from Judy she heard how disgusted she was with her friend's recent lack of will-power to "fight the bulge" as she put it.

Still, as disgusted as Judy seemed with fat, Janice wanted to help the girl get larger. She knew if she could just show her the joys of a big, plush body, she would soon eagerly catch up with her quickly swelling friends. But how to do it? The opportunity for Janice to really develop a plan of action came at a routine trip to the doctors office. She was waiting outside in the lobby when a lab tech walked up pulling a large tray of bottles on a cart. Each was a different size and shape, and some were of very bright colors.

Bored with the magazine she had been reading, Janice began to read the labels. There were all sorts of medicines in these bottles. Mostly for head colds, but there were a few others for insomnia and pain killers. But one larger bottle caught her attention the second she spotted.

"Hunger Stimulant---Labeled failure, bound for incinerator" Read the tag.

The Tech was talking with the nurse and Janice began to pick up pieces of their conversation as she intently stared at the light blue bottle.

"...Yeah, Dr. Martiny did put a lot of work into it, but he found out it works too well. Apparently those rats he had been giving the stuff too got pretty fat, and he's having me throw the stuff out...." The Tech was saying to the nurse, who was nodding in response.

This was it! This is what Janice needed! As the tech began to slowly wheel the cart away Janice snatched the bottle without anyone else seeing and stuck it into her purse. The rest of the visit went off un-eventfully, but Janice smiled as she walked out to her car that night.

The stuff was labeled as experimental, and she didn't want to try it out on the kids first, so she decided to test it out on herself. She could get the body she had always wanted, and she was going to go for it. There were no instructions on the bottle, So Janice decided on two pills. After downing them there were no effects, and she spent the rest of her evening reading. By the time she went to bed she decided that the stuff was probably just a mistake, and that it was no more potent then sugar pills.

However, later that night Janice awoke in a cold sweat. She was breathing heavily as she stubbled into the kitchen and collapsed infront of the fridge. She grasped her belly as pain shot through her. She HAD to eat! She ripped open the door and began to pour through everything in sight. Anything from veggies to cakes were shoveled as fast as possible into her mouth. After 4 hours the fridge was barren, and a bit more satisfied Janice collapsed onto her couch.

Her belly was huge. She looked at least nine months pregnant, and her skin shined like a rubber ball. But as she sat there something amazing occurred. Her belly began to slowly shrink. It got almost to normal size and then stopped, a small role of fat around her midsection. Suddenly Janice began to feel very woozy, and she began to moan in pleasure as waves shot up her legs, thighs, rear and lower abdomen. She screamed out in orgasmic pleasure. Without warning her body just began to surge.

All the food she had just eaten was being instantly converted into the fat it was worth.

In seconds her nightgown was torn to shreds as her ass blew out the back. Her legs thickened and swelled, still retaining their shape, but growing larger by the second.

Her belly grew outward, never once developing a fold, but defying gravity as it surged 2 feet in front of her.

Her thighs filled and billowed, growing larger and larger. Her butt grew the most, though. It plumped and plumped, swelling larger and larger. She moaned and reached back, grabbing a handful of its bounty, only to find a few seconds later that she could no longer grasp it as it surged out of her hand. It was over in a matter of minutes, but in that time Janice gained over 70lbs.

She stumbled to her feet and awkwardly drifted into her bedroom. She hit the light and was shocked to see the woman looking back at her from the mirror. She was beautiful! Same trim face and collar bone as ever, but farther below was another story.

Her chest had grown a bit, and her larger breasts jutted out away from her torso in a dramatic flare. Her belly also stuck out as if she was pregnant, and it cast a shadow over thighs twice the size as they had been only a half an hour ago. She spun around, catching a glimpse of her shiny, plumpened ass, It was amazingly curved, and she slapped it playfully sending ripples through the fat.

The hunger had returned, but not nearly as strong as before, but some how, Janice knew that she was going to get much larger. She couldn't wait. Meanwhile, over the past two weeks Kara had been gaining quite steadily, and now up to 180lbs, she finally decided to sit down and talk with Judy.

The meeting occured at Kara's house on a stormy day when Kara's parents were out.

"I know, I know" Lamented Kara as the two faced each other on the couch. "I know I have been getting fat lately, but please try to understand that I like it."

"But I don't understand! We've always been told that over-eating and getting fat is un- healthy, why do that to yourself in this day in age?" Asked Judy.

"I don't feel bad at all!" Answered Kara with a smile. "In fact I've never felt better. I don't think you realise how good it feels to be so soft and sexy. Every inch my ass gains the more sensitive it becomes. I love how I look in the mirror, and how cuddly I feel to the touch!" Finally Judy gave in and smiled.

"Well, if it's what you really want, then I guess I can't stop you, but I still don't think it's right." The two smiled and embraced. In that instant Judy changed her mind about fatness altogether. When the two finally broke after several minutes Judy could hardly speak.

"O-oh m-y Go-gosh! You're b-breasts! Tha-that belly!" She stuttered, leaning in towards Kara. Kara only smiled back at her friend. Then, without notice, Judy leaned over and began to caress Kara's belly. Kara began to moan as a smile spread across her face. The two kissed and hugged for a long time that day, and by the end both were pledging to each other that they would get as fat as they could.

Judy had finally gotten on the right track. Janice awoke in a daze. She looked around her and everything was dark. It was stuffy and there was a strange whirring sound in the background. She knew she regocnized the whirr, she just couldn't put her fingure on it. She felt around her for a doorknob for about 5 minutes. Finally her hand locked around the object she had been searching for and she stubbled out into the light.

The sound she was hearing was the sound of her dishwasher. She had been in the closet. Although after last nights eating binges who could really blame her. Lost in an extasy of fattening and eating she had wandered the house for hour eating everthing edible she could find.

Now, at around 250lbs, and with an ass about 3 feet wide, she struggled to come to grips with what had happened. She had lost control. Instead of becoming shapealy like she had urged, she had grown fat. Really fat. She went into the bathroom and studied herself in the mirror. After several minutes she realized she actually looked pretty damn good.

She still had her big butt, it was just a lot bigger. Her belly had mostly tapered off growing late last night, and the last 50 or so lbs had gone straight to her legs and butt, giving her a very exagerated pear form.

"What has come over me...?" She whispered whimsically.

She didn't know what was going on, but in the back of her mind was a voice that was growing stronger by the minute. A voice that spoke only one word, but that word was begining to influence her yet again. The word? EAT

"Did you see Janice?" Asked Kara in first hour on the following Monday.

"No", Answered Judy, yawning. "Why? What's up?"

"You can see at lunch, but let me just tell you, you're gonna be shocked" Whispered Kara.

Judy could barely concentrate on anything all the way to lunch. What was Kara so excited about that had happened to Janice?

Finally lunch arrived and she got to find out. She walked in to pick up her stray and nearly fell over. There was Janice, her beautiful face thin as ever. But the resemblance to the Janice she had know ended there. Catching a glimpse of Janice's expansive ass Judy gasped loudly. Janice was more beautiful then ever. Judy complimented her and then sat down at the lunch table.

All Judy and Kara could talk about for the rest of the day was how big Janice had become and how they wanted to get that beautiful too. That day Judy snuck back into the school kitchen. She looked all over for Janice but after 15 minutes of looking, she couldn't find the beautiful plumped up brunette.

She was about to leave when she heard a loud chewing sound coming from a freezer. She peeked inside and found Janice spralled out on the floor, empty boxes of school food around her. She had a smile on her face and was happily digging into a box of pastries.

Her exposed belly was heavily distended, showing that she had been at this for quite some time now. Judy walked in and helped Janice to her feet. The went back into the main are and sat down at a table. The boards of the chair groaned under Janice's enhanced bulk.

"What happened to you?" Asked Judy in a stunned voice.

"We were only gone for a weekend and you look like you've doubled your weight!" Janice smiled at the younger girl.

"Oh it's not that much, and I think I'm still just a bit too thin, I mean, I've got to keep my weight up if I want to look good." Judy gave her an odd look.

"C'mon, I know that people can't naturally gain this much in one weekend, how'd you do it?" Janice gave in.

"I stole this experimental eating drug. Overnight I bulked up almost 100lbs! I love the way I look and I think I might double, or even triple my weight again."

"Hmmmm....Yeah, I finally realized how good it looks to be big too. I don't think I could do it your way though, I don't want to get too big." Said Judy.

"But don't you want to catch up with Kara? I know you want to be big like them too, no one wants to be left behind." Said Janice, patting her fat ass for emphasis.

"Yeah, hey, you got any of those pills left?, maybe you can give half of what you took, then I could catch up really quick!" Said Judy excitedly.

Janice thought for a minute about it, then an Idea popped into her head.

"Yeah...let's see, I took twelve, so you take 6 ok?" She said. Janice knew it was probably a little wrong, but she would love to see Judy become the fattest teen around.

"Oh you're the best Janice!" Exclaimed Judy, coming over and hugging Janice.

She loved the way that Janices belly was so big and soft. The two looked at each other and their eyes met. They kissed long and passionately. Janice reached into her pocket and pulled out the bottle of pills. Judy gobbled all six down quickly, and smiled back at her older friend.

"Mmmmm...could you do something for me Janice?" asked Judy in a sensual voice. "Can you sit down I my lap? I want to feel how big you are."

Janice only giggled and got up. Judy sat down on the chair and Janice slowly lowered her huge butt down on top of Judy. Judy was so amazingly turned on. She didn't know what to think, there were so many emotions flowing through her body, and she wanted to express the all.

She began to rub Janice's belly and knead it like bread dough. Janice began to moan outloud. Judy started to unbutton Janice's blouse, and Janice tilted her head and the two kissed again. They baked a storm of passion up that evening, and afterward Judy ate her 6 pills and left Janice with a kiss and a squeeze on the ass. But as she was leaving Janice came up to her and they kissed again, and Judy and her had another go at it. When Judy awoke the next morning lying on top of Janice in a pile of boxes she could think of only one thing. SHE NEEDED TO EAT!

Kara awoke about an hour later and wondered where Judy was. She hadn't seen her since lunch the previous day and the two usually spent time with each other after school. With the whole week off for Thanks Giving, she wanted to hang out with her friend so they could both try and fatten Judy up as much as possible for the holiday season.

She wanted Judy up to at least her current weight by the new year, and with a rigorous eating schedule that she had begun planning last night, she believed that her smaller friend could do it, if she was still as willing as she was a few days ago.

She went to Judy's house and found the door ajar. After ringing the door-bell and getting no response she went inside to investigate. Judy, or at least someone who looked marginally like Judy, was spread out on the kitchen floor asleep. At a closer look it was Judy, but a much different one then the amazed Kara remembered from yesterdays lunch.

Judy was naked from the panties up, and her once small chest had grown into a pair of monstrous knockers. Her fabulous belly slowly rose and fell as she slept, now with a large curve that made it look at least 7 months pregnant. Farther down were extremely wide hips and thighs, and a pair of panties that were on the verge of bursting.

Kara gasped quietly. Judy was at least 200lbs, or more like 250. While she was standing there Judy let out a little moan and rolled over on her belly, exposing her giant ass to Kara. Kara's butt looked thin compared to the globular giants of Judy's globes.

Kara sat down next to her friend and began to whisper softly in Judy's ear and rub her friends plush behind. She was amazed how silky-soft the ass was, and she rubbed it with just a bit more pressure to get a good feeling of it. Judy whimpered just a bit and then slowly opened her eyelids. She smiled when she recognized her friend.

"Got any food?" She whispered.

"Judy, my god what happened? You're so, so....fat!" Said Kara Judy yawned and stretched her thicker arms and then looked back at Kara.

"The same way that Janice got fat..." Kara raised an eyebrow and Judy continued.

"She picked up some sort of weird pills at a doctor's office and took some. After last night I'd estimate her to be over 300. We ate and ate last night..." She went on to tell Kara all about last nights events. Everything from taking the pills to the wild love-making that had followed.

"...And this morning she confessed to me that she had given me way over the amount she had taken herself, and she thinks I'm gonna get 'really' big." Finished Judy.

"B...b...but you used to hate fat people, I mean, it was only a day ago that you said you wanted to be fat, and now you're going to get really fat, really fast, big are we talking here?" Asked Kara, just a bit of concern showing in her voice. Judy yawned again lazily.

"I don't know...probably around 600lbs, giver or take a hundred. I ate all night and I intend to do it again today..." She squeezed her ass and moaned.

"I'm going to get sooo big, sooo fat...and sooo goddamn sexy that you aren't even going to recognize me."

"Judy this is nuts!" Screamed Kara. "I mean, yes, I've gotten a bit bigger as of late, " She added emphasis by patting her own rump. "But this is insane! I mean, I never dreamed I would get as big as you are now, and you're talking about getting at least twice your current size and possibly a lot more! I'll take no part in this! I'm your friend, but I'm not going to help you get to immobility." With this she turned and began to walk out, her ghetto booty swinging sexily behind her.

With lightening speed Judy was up from the floor and grabbed Kara and threw her on the couch. Judy's continued training exercises in the last few months compared with Kara's relatively small amount of activity had left her stronger then the taller girl, and she quickly had Kara in position where she couldn't move. Pinned down by Judy's heavy, yet soft bulk, she stopped what was now a worthless gesture of trying to squeeze away.

"What do you want?!?" She yelled. Judy just answered by kissing Kara hard on the lips. Kara hesitated for a short second, and then lustily kissed back. Judy relaxed her grip and the two wrapped their arms around each other and went on making out for the next hour. When they finally stopped Kara was breathless, and passion filled her eyes.

"That was amazing!" She blurted out. "It was so great, you're so fat, It feels so good to kiss you, and feel you! Those heavy tits, that boulder butt, I-I can't wait until you get fatter!" With this Judy quickly produced a handful of pills from her pocket.

Kara knew what they were, and she was powerless against her lover to do anything but swallow them quickly down and kiss Judy again. After a few minutes Judy broke away.

"Phew....yeah, Janice thought that these might come in handy, so she gave me a few..." Kara could barely hear her.

Hunger pains were rocking the plumpers body.

"I NEED TO EAT!!!" She yelled out with gusto. So did Judy, desperately. Kara was dressed and rushed out of the house to the local store. She had a lot of cash from her job at a pet store, and spent it all on a truck's worth of fattening foods. They had it delivered to Judy's house, were the two began to dig in. 6 hours later the two woke up. They had eaten for 5 hour straight and then slept for an hour.

They slowly stumbled into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Judy had busted the panties off within the first 15 minutes of eating and now stood naked in all her glory.

She stepped onto the scale first. The numbers whirred by and finally came to a rest on 294lbs. 44lbs fatter then a quarter of a day earlier. Almost all additional weight was now going to her hips, thighs, and ass. Her small belly in comparison only accented how large they now were. She spun around and stopped. It took several seconds for the waves traveling across her behind to subside. It was getting very large, and she loved it. Kara was even more dramatic. At 231lbs she had torn all of her clothes off by the sheer size her body was attaining. For some reason the new weight was concentrated mostly below the waist of both girls, and although Kara's chest and Belly were a bit larger, her butt and legs were magnificent, and were beginning to rival Judy's. She slapped her ass and giggled.

"He he, I think you need to get a lot fatter" She said, talking to her ass in a playful voice. The two laughed, but the urge to eat was building again and playtime was soon over. They dug in again and didn't get to sleep until 8 hours later.

They slept for an equal amount of time. This went on for nearly 2 more days. The changes in the girls occurred by the hour, and bellies surged forward, thighs thickened, and butts inflated.

After almost 3 solid days of nothing but eating and sleeping, the couch groaned as the two settled their weight onto it. The hunger had now come for over an hour, and both guessed that the effect of the pills were finally slacking off.

Kara was 732lbs. She had beaten Judy by an even 100. In the last day they had competed to see who could eat the most. Now she could barely move. Her huge thighs and ass dwarfed her upper body. Her face was still thin, and she was as beautiful as ever. There wasn't a fold on either of the two anywhere.

A strange effect of the pills was that for the most part the body maintained a basic shape. Her redwood sized thighs, and a derriere as big as a car hood looked as toned as an Olympic runner, but when touched they shimmied like jello, and if pressed on, a persons hand would sink deeply into the plush flesh. The same was for Judy.

Her body had grown much the same as Kara's, and in a strange twist of fate the two almost looked like twins, although Kara was a bit taller. They found they couldn't keep their hands off each other, and explored each other with a passion that neither had ever pocessed in their lives. Now, they simply sat next to each other on the sofa. They barely fit, and their behinds were squished tightly together. Kara looked over at Judy and Judy looked back.

"Judy...I...I...despite all this, I actually love you. I know we've been having sex and all...but I really actually Love you." Whispered Kara. Judy nodded, understanding.

"I know...I love you too...I'm just a bit disappointed it's all over."

"Me too." Sniffed Kara, a tear in her eye. The two embraced and kissed very hard. Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Judy slowly raised herself to her feet and began to waddle over toward the door. She peeked through the window. It was Janice, who only seeing Judy's still thin face, didn't know what had happened over the past few days. Judy turned away and smiled at Kara.

"Well, Chef's here, I guess we aren't done after all."

The End