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Shopping one Day...
By SunDance Kid

The idea had begun to form in my head the day I went out to the mall 4 years ago. I remember it quite well becuase it was pretty much the day my life was changed forever. I was 15, and thus very impressionable. Young girls seem to be that way even more than young boys, and I was no different. I had come to the mall with a
group of friends, but
they had decided to go out for pizza, which I had no money for. We parted ways and I continued to slowly stroll around the mall. Now I had
known I was a bisexual since I had first started growing into a woman, and so more than a few women caught my eye. It was one of these women that attracted me for a reason I will never know to this day. She was about 20 or so, with long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was also alone. There was nothing too unusual about the woman. She had large round breasts and very prominent hips that showed off the extra 20 lbs she carried. She wasn't by any means more attractive then some of the women I had seen in the mall, but for an un known reason I decided to follow her.

Recently I've decided it was probably the smooth, slow sway of her hips that gave me the reason to go where she went, but I will never know. She continued to walk
and I continued to follow behind about 20 feet back, my eyes glued to her jiggling rear.

She didn't seem to have a deffinate place to go either, and simply strolled past people of all shapes and sizes. After about a half an hour she turned down one of the exit ways and left the doors. I didn't know why, but I continued to follow her. The mall was right down town in our city, and she walked down the sidewalk in the same slow pace she had been following. Then, all of the sudden, she turned down a dark alleyway between buildings. I slowed down a bit, hesitant to follow her into such a gloomy setting, but decided I could handle it. I plunged into the blackness and stepped carefully over the various debris that littered the almost lightless corridor. Finally my eyes began to adjust and just ahead I saw the woman standing with her back toward me. Not wanting to be noticed, I slipped behind a garbage can and stared at the young lady.

She was digging through her leather purse, looking for some object. Finally she smiled with aprooval and from the bag she produced a small vile of blue liquid. She popped the cork from the top and brought the flask to her lips. She shifted a bit and turned in my general direction, but not seeing me behind the can, she seemed satisfied that nobody was watching. Before swallowing she seemed to weigh what she was doing. Her facial expressions shifted from nothing, to worry, and then the wrinkles in her forhead dissapeared and she smiled. She raised the vile up higher and drained the teaspoon worth of liquid in one drought. She moaned and doubled over, clutching her belly in pain. I thought she had poisoned herself, and was about to run and find help when she seemed to recover.

She began to moan and was taking deeper and deeper breaths, her chest rising and falling heavily. I think I noticed it before she did. A slight strain in her pants. At first I thought it was a trick of the light, but I soon realised that her rear was indeed swelling. It was very slow to begin with, but it began to pick up speed and a loud gurgling sound could be heard eminating from her belly. She began aware of her swelling proportions and reached behind her and began to knead her ass like dough. I was transfixed. Captivated by this unbelievable, yet extremely erotic scene I could not move. I couldn't even tear my eyes away. All I could look at was her ass as she swelled and swelled.

Eventually her pants could no longer take the strain, and ripped down the back seam while slowly sliding off her legs. Her panties were also strained, but had not yet reached the breaking point. Faster and faster the growth happened, and her moans and the gurgling sound from her belly began to increase. Her panties rolled up her huge buns and slipped between thoughs two beautiful mounds into her deepening crack. The growth came on even faster, and soon I heard the panties rip and saw the rags that remained slide from between her boulder sized cheeks.

She rocked back and forth, orgasm after orgasm shuddering through her body. Finally her growth slowed and ceased. She was twice the woman she had been only minutes before. Above the waist she was nearly the same. Her breasts looked a bit more full and her belly poked out from under her shirt. Her thighs, legs, and especially her butt were enormous, but still very vell formed, with no cellulite to speak of or folds.

After a few minutes of resting she pulled tightly rolled up skirt from her purse and put it on. It fit perfectly, and I decided she had known ahead of time exactly how large she was going to get. She bent over and picked up her shredded panties and giggled. Her smile was beautiful, pearly whites and beautiful lips.

She was very pretty, and even nicer looking with the added weight. I was about to slowly sneak out of the alley and return home when I slipped on some piece of garbage and crashed into the can I had been hiding behind. The lid hit me straight in the face and I lost conciousness.

I awoke in a strange place. it was dark, and a bit chilled, but I was lying on some blankets and was thus not too cold. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness the first thing I saw were the bars.

I was in a cage. Not a small cage mind you. It was about 20' by 20' by 10', but it was a cage none the less. I painfully lifted myself off the cushions and began to walk around the edge. My head still throbbed from the fall, but it was slowly getting better. I found the door, but it was shut by several pad locks. I was trapped.

It wasn't too bad. In the corner was a small aclove with a toilet. On the other side was a little TV and a small fridge. I sat down on the cushions and turned on the TV. "...And the young lady Wendy Hasun is still missing. The police have no leads and the search has come up dead in all directions....In other news..."

I turned it off. It was me. I was Wendy Hasun. I grew ill. My parents must be worried sick and the thought made me want to vommit. I layed down on the covers and tried to sleep. I found myself to be very hungry, and I opened the small fridge. I couldn't believe what I found. Inside was a multitude of candy. All shapes and sizes, brands and companies were represented. There was also 4 or 5 quarts of chocolate milk and 2 large containers of Sunny D. It certainly wasn't bread and water. Now I had always been a real pig when it came to food. Before puberty I was quite fat, but I had slimmed down completely as a young teen and had never regained my pot belly or large, stocky ass. And here in front of me was a treasure trove of sweets.

I dug in and began to munch away. After 20 or so minutes I began to feel sick. But about a half an hour later I was back at it. I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and then turned in for the night.

The next morning I formally met Janice. I opened my eyes and there she was, sitting on a stool just outside of arms reach of the cage. We studdied each other for a few minutes.

This was the same woman who I had seen get fat a few days ago and she was obviously

my captor. After a few minutes she spoke, her voice was very beautiful, and enchanted me just as her growth had.

"It was very naughty of you to follow me, little girls shouldn't play in dark alleyways."

I found myself without a responce and she continued.

"I couldn't have you run off and tell all your friends about my little...changes, now could I, Wendy?"

She knew my name!, but then I remembered the TV reports and thought of how my name had made headlines. Anyone who was inteligent enough to turn on the tube would know my name by now.

"A-are you gonna kill me?" I asked meekly.

Her stern expression broke into one of pity. "Oh certainly not!, I would never kill anyone, I just couldn't put myself through with it. After you fell over I didn't know what to

do with you, so I brought you back here, we're in the basement of my place by the way."

"But why the cage?" I questioned, getting a bit braver.

"Well, I can't just have you running off, not before I figure out what to do with you at least."

At this we were both silent, then a few seconds later I decided to tell her the truth.

"I think your very beautiful" I smiled shyly.

"Thank you cutie!, you're a pretty little thing too, although you could use some meat on your bones." She paused for a second. "Although I suppose I was probably that thin when I was 14 too."

"Umm..." I sputtered. "...Why did you get fatter?"

She smiled even more. "Oh, see I have always wanted to be bigger, but only in a certain way."

I twisted my head sideways, showing my curiosity at her elaborating further on the subject.

"Well..." She continued. "When I was about your age I had a freind who had a really, REALLY big butt, and very big legs, but she was very thin up top, like I am now. Well, we were freinds for about 3 years after that, and then I realised that I liked her in a different way."

"You mean you thought she was sexy?" I smiled at her expression at suprise.

"You don't really think I'm that sheltered do you?" I laughed, begining to forget the circumstances under which I was here. "Don't worry," I went on. "I'm the same way, I like women too."

She grinned at this. "So you already know?, yes, I wish I was like you, It took me years

to come to terms with how I felt about women."

"Anyway," She continued. "I told her. It was so amazing, becuase she felt the same way about me, she just wanted one thing...." She paused and took a deep breath.

"She wanted me to be like her, to have a really big butt. Well I tried and I tried to put on weight, and the years and years went by. She went away to college and so did I, but we've kept in close contact ever since. You saw how far all that overeating had gotten me the other day before I...grew."

She shifted her large ass a little on the chair. "Well, about 3 months ago on my 19th birthday I was in the lab of my college just fooling around when I discovered a fantastic formula to alter weight. I played around with it and mixed it until it was just perfect to grow me much bigger below the waist. I was in the mall yesterday buying a skirt to wear after the changes and on the way home I just got so excited about getting bigger that I just had to grow right then and there. So I slipped into an alley and I guess you followed me"

"Yeah..." I said, a bit of regret in my voice. "But I'm still glad I did it, it was worth it to see you like that."

The woman really beamed at hearing this." You think so?" She asked excitedly. " Oh, I hope Ruby thinks so too, I guess I'd better go give her a call and try to arrange seeing her."

She began to slowly ascend the stairs, her mammoth rear shifting from side to side. She stopped half way and turned.

"My name's Janice...I'll be down later ok?" With this she climbed out of sight.

After leaving I plopped down and watched TV and ate. I thought about how pretty she was while I sat there and munched on candy. I even began to toy with the idea that one day I might want a big, soft ass like that.

Janice returned a few hours later. The red rings around her eyes easily told me she had been crying for quite a while and even now she was still sniffling a little bit.

"What's wrong?" I asked, the concern showing in my voice.

Janice looked up. "Ruby got married!" She practically screamed. "I can't believe it, she didn't even invite me to the wedding. All those years of trying to grow for her for nothing!...I'm so frustrated!" She began to sob again.

"Janice..." I cooed. "It wasn't a waist, not a waist at all! Look how beautiful you've become. If she didn't care about you enough to invite you to the wedding, than she wasn't worth getting all worked up over. Forget her, there are tons more men and women out there that could give you much more than she had to offer."

At this she looked up and smiled at me. Without a word she went to the cage door and opened it with her keys.

"Come up stairs" She smiled, her voice drained of most of its sadness. "I want to watch TV and I don't want to be alone right now."

We climbed the stairs and for the first time I got a look at where I was. It was a log cabin. There were large windows everywhere that gave a stunning view of the outside world. Wherever we were, it was long way away from my town. The cabin was perched on a steep slope overlooking a sparkling blue lake several hundred feet down.

To the left were dense pine forests shadowed in the darkening sky. To the right was a brand new 4x4 parked on a gravel road that wound away into the forest. On the horizon above the lakes the gray mountains met the orange glow of the cloud filled sunset. I was in awe. Janice reached the top of the stairs a few seconds behind me, and heard my gasp.

"It is pretty isn't it" She answered. "We're in the northwest corner of Maine, and there isn't another soul around for a hundred miles in almost any direction."

I looked around the interior. It was neat and tidy. A large stone fireplace in the center with a well-tended blaze was the centerpiece of the house. To the left was a large kitchen with pans hung neatly over a center island counter top. Past the kitchen through a half-shut door I glanced a spacious bedroom. On the other side of the living room was a large bathroom with a big jacouzy.

"This is yours?" I asked stunned.

"Kinda" Replied Janice. "Its my dads, but he never comes anymore and I stay here whenever I want a little break from the hustle of college."

"You must be rich!" I smiled.

Janice sat me down on the plush leather couch and explained that her father owned an oil company in Texas and that he had given his only daughter 50% of the stock after Janices mother had passed away several years ago. She said she didn't have to lift a fingure for the rest of her life if it pleased her, but that she had choosen to try and make it in the real world and not just laze around for the rest of her life.

"...And that's why I can just go off from college whenever I want too, I have all the time in the world to get that done." She finished.

I had been silent the whole time and now smiled.

"Wow, you're so lucky, I've never really had any money."

"I suppose..." Janice yawned. "...That in a way I am very lucky, but I haven't had any luck when it comes to love life..." she said sadly.

I was about to say something else reassuring when Janice decided she was ok.

"It's alright, I'm sure I'll find about a movie?" She smiled.

"Ok!" I laughed, happy that my friend, er captor (I was begining to find that I couldn't tell the difference anymore) was feeling better.

We settled on 'Ghost'. I watched for a little while, but then began to sneak glances at Janice. Her skirt was rolled up a ways giving me a good view of her thigh. I began to urge to feel it against me, and I slowly began to shift closer to her. Finally, 20 minutes later her soft flesh contacted my leg. We both looked into each others eyes, soul searching. And then we kissed. It was as spontaineous as when people kiss in the movies, and was at least as passionate. More kisses followed and we embraced, I began to get wet feeling her large breasts press against me. After a while we broke our embrace and both smiled.

"You certainly are cute..." She grinned..."And....more than a little sexy"

"I think you are the hottest person I have ever layed eyes on" I said back.

We embraced again, this time more passionatly and I reached my hand down her skirt and began to fondle her huge left ass cheek. It was amazingly soft, plusher than I could have dreamed it would be. She in turn removed my shirt and bra, exposing my Large C cups of which I was at the time very proud of. We both continued to tear each others garments off untill we both sat staring at each other nude. I remember thinking how small and fragile my body looked compared to her own. We rose in unison and strode hand in hand into the bedroom, where we both lost our virginity several times over that night. I remember waking up the next morning a bit chilly, and then rolling over and snuggling against Janices huge ass to get warm. The fire had gone out and the cottage was almost as cool as the mountain air outside, but against her warm behind I was cozy.

After a while she woke up and we both decided on a shower. We climbed in, me behind her and the water ran down us both, washing away the last bit of sleepiness from our eyes. I was feeling playful and slapped Janices ass, sending ripples through the fat. She giggled, and then as an afterthought moaned loudly. I did it again, and she moaned again, louder. We both laughed hysterically. The she turned, the passion of last night in her eyes again and we kissed long and deeply. After the shower we had a huge breakfast.

"You know, even though I didn't naturally get fat" Said Janice. "I am much more hungry than usual, I wonder if getting big altered my metabolism in some way."

I shrugged, and dug into the pancakes with gusto, my apetite stronger than ever. And for weeks afterward things went almost exactly that way. We stayed in the cabin

almost the entire time, either expressing our passion for one another, sleeping, talking, or eating. Eating was very quickly becoming the major event.

About 3 weeks later we decided to weigh each other. Janice dragged out the scale and stepped on. She whistled.

", when I weighed myself that first day I was 267lbs...."

I came up and rubbed her ass.

"It does look bigger" I smiled. "And it's certainly softer" I added for good measure.

"Yeah...I like it better too" Smiled Janice.

The added pounds hadn't only gone to her ass and legs (although most had) She now sported a large belly and her breasts had gone up an estimated 2 bra sizes. Her face remained basically unchanged, her deep blue eyes still smiled at me every time I looked into them.

"Your turn!" She giggled. The numbers spun as I stepped up and I was suprised by the reading. 164lbs. I was shocked. I turned to look at my 5'7 body in the mirror. Come to think of it, I did look a lot bigger. Size C breasts were no more, replaced by a very full DD. My belly jutted out in front of me, with love handles on my sides. I turned, my legs and especially my ass did indeed look a lot bigger.

Janice swore in suprise.

"Wow, I hadn't thought you were that big yet." She said, hugging me from behind, her soft belly pressing against the small of my back." I'm glad though" she added. "I love the way you look!"

"So do I" I smiled, but secretly I longed to be much larger. Both of us swelled together, my weight passing 200 in 2 more months. Janice had slowed down gaining, and was only up to 350, but I didn't mind, and I was always looking for ways to catch up.

I didn't look at myself as being kidnapped at all anymore. We were lovers, and we needed each other. I didn't care about the age difference, and a month later I turned 16. it was the day after my birthday that we began talking about my weight. "I want you to get fatter" Said Janice just out of the blue.

"I want to too" I answered, smiling. "I guess I'll just half to eat more."

"You don't have to" Smiled Janice proudly. "Last night I slipped out of bed and made some more of that formula, enough for you to gain 150lbs!"

I was very happy when she produced another small vile. I put it to my lips and swallowed without hesitation. It burned on the way down and I gasped, doubling over in pain. But the pain faded guickly, replaced by a feeling I remember only as a weird sort of indigestion. I heard it before I noticed it. My stomach began to gurgle loudly, and I began to breath deeply, inhaling and exhaling slowly. I began to feel it first in my ass, then in my thighs.

It was certain tightness, not painful, almost like if I had stuffed my pants with pillows. My butt felt weird, and I was so stunned to actually feel myself growing. I looked down and gasped. My love handles and the folds and my belly began to dissapear. They were slowly being filled in. Instead of looking fat, my belly now looked 13 months pregnant.

The gurgling noise increased, and I found myself moaning in pleasure as I filled with fat. It gushed into my ass and thighs like a waterfall. Filling, filling, stretching...

"MMMMMMMMMMM!!!" I moaned.

Faster and faster it came. I felt my ass. It was soft, very soft, just like Janices. I looked over at Janice. I almost laughed between moans becuase she was absentmindedly playing with her own bottom. Orgasms rocked my body. They were violent, but I rode them like a ship in a storm, a beautiful storm of fat...

I closed my eyes and rocked back and forth, feeling the fat build inside me, change me into a beautiful huge queen among women.

When I opened my eyes Janice was standing in front of me smiling. I walked toward the bathroom, and I noticed my thighs touched all the way down to the knees. I felt my ass roll behind me, sending small shockwaves of pleasure with every step. The woman I saw in the mirror was beautiful.

I was the same height, but deffinatly not the same width. My ass and thighs were huge, yet shapely. My belly was larger than Janices and its deep bellybutton looked like a small cave in the side of a mountain of fat.

My breasts had grown too, although not much. My face hadn't changed at all. I turned to see my ass. It was almost identical to Janices except a darker color since I was of italian ancestry with brown eyes, hair, and skin. Janice came up to me and we kissed, and then retreated to the bedroom.

The sex that night was the most passion filled we had ever had, and the walls rang with our moans of extasy.

2 years later a policeman came to the door. He claimed to be looking for a teenage girl by the name of Wendy, and that she might have been seen around these parts. He only found two 500+lbs women in the house who waited paciently while he looked around.

Finding nothing he appologized for the inconvieniance and left. Driving away he couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful both of their butts were.

I decided I might one day go back home and visit my parents. I had missed them a lot since leaving them, but my love for Janice was and continues to be equally as strong, and I still have to prepare myself for the shock my parents will recieve when they see their little girl isn't so little any more. Besides, I want to polish off these sweets and Janice is calling from the Jacouzy for me to join her. Being a big girl really is a treat.

The End