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Katy had experienced the same problem every spring since she was 11, and at 16 things were really starting to catch up with her.

The first year it had been a moderate gain, she had gone from 5'4 106lbs to 5'6 117lbs. Not too much, but progressively every year she had gotten larger each spring. She had stopped growing higher by 14, but never quit getting wider.

Finally, last spring when she had just turned 17, Katy had decided that 5'7 and 267lbs was, well, just a little fat. She actually liked her curves, especially the big ass she got out of it. But her friends were giving her a hard time and so was her family.

So all that summer she had worked and worked, loosing her pounds with bitter determination. Finally, when school started it was a new Katy. Still 5'7, but over 100lbs slimmer she was 152lbs. She was still a tiny bit plump, but not really. Her measurements had gone from 42DD-43-61 to 32C-31-61. Yes, that's right, 61. As hard as she had worked Katys ass hadn't gotten a bit smaller. It was a real "ghetto booty".

Her ass had changed quite a bit though. It had once been huge and extremely soft like a down pillow. Now, although not rock hard, it was toned. It no longer had the celulite dimples that had once covered it, but yet retained most of its soft plushness.

Her thighs were also more toned, yet still quite large. Most people were so stunned by the once large Katy becoming almost "normal" sized that they didn't even notice her still large and more well-defined than ever rear end. That didn't mean everyone hadn't noticed.

Jane had always thought that Katy was beautiful. From back in 7th grade when she realised that her urges for women were just as common for men, she had seen Katy as the most beautiful girl at school. The two had become close friends, although Jane had always wished that they would become more than just mere "friends".

It was early in eigth grade when she had begun to stimulate Katys weight. Katy had shown promise the two previous years by putting on a few pounds, and Jane had really like what she had been seeing. So every morning she would add a growth stimulant to Katys lunch and each school year Jane had watched her "friend" get bigger.

She had decided the following year that it would probably be nice to be a matching couple, and she helped herself to the stimulant. Now, the friends once again contrasted. Jane was 289lbs of fat junior beauty, and Katy was slim in comparison. This would not do at all.

Although Katys ass was still beautifully rounded (even Jane had too admit it looked better than ever), she wanted her friend to be back in the fat lane. Drastic action was needed. It came in the form of another chemical stimulant.

This was in a different form the other, however. Jane was well on her way to a career in Chemical Research, and it only took her a few weeks to design what was needed. A formula that would not only grow her friend rapidly back toher old weight, but far past it. Not only that, but after the 390lbs mark all new fat would go straight to her ass and thighs.

Jane knew it was decietful, but she saw no other course of action. She had to make her friend hopelessely fat. She also saw this as a perfect opportunity to finally express her true feelings to the big butted beauty.

"Sleepover at my house this Friday?" Asked Jane waddling up to Katys locker.

"I dunno, Janice might be having a party on Friday, and I'd want to go" She replied.

"That skinny-assed bitch?!, Why would you want to hang out with her? I thought you used to hate her!" Jane practically screamed.

Janice was once considered by both of them to be the biggest bitch in school. Obviously Katys opinion had changed as of late and Jane didn't like it one bit.

"Yeah, well, she's like the most popular girl in school, and they'll be a lot of cute guys there, so I think I might cruise over." With this the bell rang, breaking the moment. "See ya around Jane" Smiled Katy.

"Yeah, see ya", fumed Jane.

"So she wants to hang out with that twiggy hoe huh?" She asked herself. "Fine, but I'll see too it that by Friday, Janice isn't so popular anymore". Jane smiled in anticipation.

It wasn't hard to produce a second batch of the chemical, but it was hard to find the right time to give it to Janice. Her opportunity finally came after school on Wednesday. Jane was in the girls locker room under the gym where she thought she could be alone and change. She was wrong. Down bounced miss sunshine, size 38DD leading the way. As soon as she saw Jane her smile faded.

"Oh great, I have to share this place with a fat ass like you! I hope there's enough room for the both of us, I don't wanna get squished" She smirked.

Jane said nothing, and simply finished dressing and exited up a flight of stairs. She had added the formula to Janices water bottle before the cheerleader had even come down. Jane smiled. She was good. Really good.

"What a fat ass!" Thought Janice as she dressed.

She wondered how someone could let themselves get so damn big. She guessed it probably came from being a slob.

"That's what all fat people are, right?" She asked herself. "Well, that Katy girl was fat, and her ass is still pretty damn big, but she seems ok now, maybe it's just being fat that makes them slobs" She smiled at her clever statement and took a sip from her thermos.

She slipped into her spandex halter top and matching bikini bottoms and was about to go for a jog when she began to feel strange. An immense gassy feeling built up inside her and she belched loudly. Her breasts blew up like balloons while she belched.

"Oh my god!" She screamed. She looked down at her breasts which had gone from oranges to grapefruits in a few short seconds. "Wow!, this is great!" She beamed. She was so happy at her larger chest and smiled again as she felt gas build up again within her. She let it fill her even more this time before releasing it. Again a loud belch was acompainied by growth in her chest. Now the grapefruits grew to sockerballs.

"I'm getting more beautiful by the second!" She yelled with glee. Again gas filled her and this time she decided to release it the other way to see what would happen. A loud fart echoed through the room. She looked down and was stunned to see her thighs and rear inflate dramatically. She looked across the room at her figure in the mirror. Her once tight rear and lean thighs were now sheilded by a thin layer of fat which jiggled when she breathed.

"Hmmm...well, I suppose it balances out the rest of me", but she decided if the gas came again she would probably belch. It did come again, this time with more force and her knockers became watermelon sized.

"Whoa...mmmm...I certainly am a big girl now!" She giggled. But she realised another belch and she would begin to look very strange indeed. The gas began to build faster, and she felt she had no choice but to belch. Her breasts swelled larger and larger, turning into huge bean bag chairs with nipples the size of shotglasses. Suddenly, Janice realised she was in trouble. The gas was building at an almost constant rate. She held out as long as she could, desperatly trying to hold it in. But nature took its course. She farted.

Her top had been torn to shreds long ago and now the 5'6 blonde with tits somewhere in the unknown HH range witnessed her bottoms join them. She watched in horror as her rear began to inflate even larger.

"Oh my god, I'm turning into that fat ass that was in here a few seconds ago!" Screamed Janice in terror. But it was too late. She had lost control. She found herself involved in an almost constant release of gas from her behind and was filled with curious hysterical fear as her butt, legs and belly grew larger with each passing second.

Finally, 3 minutes later it was over. But Janice would never be the same. She was somewhere in the range of about 620lbs, with measuremtns of near 92HH-75-127. Her thighs were as big around as red-wood trees, yet had miraculously retained their shape, and were as smooth as a rubber ball. Janice was stunned and terrified, and wished only to get home as fast as possible in case the inflation struck again.

She had to wait until night before she slipped out of the school and waddled as fast as she could into the shadows toward her house. Jane watched from the roof, deciding that the blonde was really starting to look good.

"I can't believe she canceled!" Whined Katy.

"Who, Janice?" Asked Jane as they sat at lunch.

"Of course Janice, she was talking about it being like the biggest party of the year yesterday, and today her sister came to school all white and pale and told us she was dropping out and that the party was canceled!"

"No kidding, really?" Asked Jane in a most monotone voice. "Yes, I wonder what happened?" Mused Katy.

"Who knows, now about that sleepover on tomorrow..."

"Oh, well, I guess I'm free now", smiled Katy.

"Good, be at my house at 6:00, see ya" Said Jane as she got up from the table and waddled over to the garbage to dump her trash. "Maybe Janice got gas" Whispered Jane to herself as she shuffled out of the lunchroom.

"Ice tea?"

"Sure", Answered Katy and she took the glass from Jane.

The two were sitting out on Janes front porch. Janes house was off of Hickory Road and set about 1/2 a mile back in the woods. Janes parents were both on a Bahama cruise and the girls had the house to themselves.

Jane quickly decided to tell Katy her passion after Katy had taken her first sip of the Ice tea but before the inflation.

"Katy, I have something to tell you" Said Jane.

"Yes?" "Well, it's going to affect our friendship deeply, and it may ruin it depending on how you take it" Jane Muttered, very very nervous.

"What is it?" Asked Katy, cocking an eybrow and taking another large swallow from her drink. Jane decided to be straight forward.

"Katy, I think you are very, very sexy." Both girls stared at each other silently until Katy quietly broke it.

"Jane, I think you're very very sexy too" The two embrased, finally fufilling the love both had so deeply needed for so long. They kissed passionatly, and then began to tear each others clothes off and express their love sexually.

"There's....mmmmm.....mmmmmm....something....mmmmmmm....else I......mmmmmmmmmmmm....should tell you....Ohhhhh.....mmmmmmm" Said Jane as she suckled on Katys left breast.


"I like you fat" Jane said, stopping and letting this latest statement sink in. "You do?" Asked Katy.

"Well guess what, so do I, and I'm really sorry I ever got thin." Suddenly Katy belched, her chest swelling outward. "Oh my god, what's going on?"

"You're getting fat again Katy, I hope you're happy" Smiled Jane shyly.

"Oh, I am!" Said Katy happily and the two embrased. Katy belched again and Jane felt Katys tits grow against her own.

"MMMMM...this feels soooo good, thank you, I love it!" Smiled Katy, burping again, growing again.

Both girls kissed again, Katy blowing a huge, long fart. Jane felt Katys belly swell against her, and watched as she rose higher off her chair, her ass growing even larger.

"This is great!" Laughed Katy, belching again, her breasts growing too two big basketballs. "That's about enough chest for me", giggled Katy.

"Time for more ass!" She farted more and more, the gas building up faster and faster. The chair broke under her as her ass spread out on her floor and her belly filled her lap. Still she grew. More and more. She was laughing and moaning the whole time.

Her body was rocked by orgasm after orgasm as she was filled with pleasure. Larger and larger she grew flowing outward on the wooden deck like a tidal wave of fat. Finally, the growth began to slow, but not before she ripped on last gigantic fart which blew her lower body out a foot in every direction.

After she stopped growing, the girls embrased again, this time Jane being the much smaller of the two, and both went inside. The sex that followed was more fantastic then either could have ever imagined. Afterward both were cuddling when Katy finally spoke up. "You have any of that stuff left?" She asked, a weird look comming over her face. "A little, why?"

"Oh, well then I think Jane needs to take her medicine......"

The End